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Pokémon Fusions, like Mac N' Cheetos and ride-on vacuum cleaners (yes, they exist), are a classic case of "just because we can, doesn't mean we should." It's the ability to morph two of our favorite Pokémon together to create something hideous beyond words. So, let's take a look at the 27 most terrifying Pokémon Fusions that should never, EVER see the light of day. Seriously.

1. Ivymer

Those sinister eyes combined with that pose that says "BOO!" — This thing is straight out of "Monsters Inc." Good luck sleeping tonight.

2. Lickitoise

This thing is thirsty AF... I need an adult!

3. Exeggmime

Basically Danny DeVito from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Exeggmime is a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

4. Psyeotto

This derp wants to be hipster so bad lol.

5. Slowizard

Body of a fearsome Charizard with the head of a Slowbro — It is exquisite, I must paint it!

6. Zaptales

100% chance this is a Disney villain in an animated movie where dogs can talk.

7. Cateruk

Somewhere the Ghostbusters are piling into their 1959 Cadillac to suck this thing into their proton pack.

8. Krabstar

If you've ever wondered what brushed against your leg while you were wading in the ocean, it was probably this creep. Krabstar has "nope" written all over it.

9. Dragondash

Surprisingly cute and majestic AF. I'm green-lighting this one for Nintendo.

10. Mr. Pie

Look familiar? — *hands it a hookah* — How about now? This abomination played the chain-smoking caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland! Rumor has it that Mr. Pie's special attack is "Speak in Riddles" — causes confusion 100% of the time.

11. Manfree

Manfree looks like its plotting against you. Six inches tall and 100% EVIL ...but it's got a great name.

12. Exeggmar

Don't be fooled by its playful bubblegum color, this Egg/Volcano chicken hybrid will burn your house down and sleep like a baby. You were warned.

13. Dochan

"AHHHHH!" — *jumps up in computer chair* — That was my reaction when I stumbled upon this f**ker. Look at its smug face and perfect boxing form. I would run to the nearest ATM, withdraw every dollar to my name, and buy all the Max Repels in the city to stay away from this thing.

14. Glootini

*sighs* — This thing looks like it'd want to hump my leg. Let's just say I'm going Glootini-free on this one, amirite? (anyone?)

15. Krabchoke

If normal Machoke were a Burger King Whopper, this thing would be the equivalent of The Angry Whopper. Not even the Fighting-type Gym leader Bruno wants anything to do with this hideous monstrosity.

16. Kingchamp

I... I just made it angrier. I'm getting the sinking feeling that I've stumbled upon something I shouldn't have...

17. Oddape

Gotta represent the Odd Squad. This playful pom-pom is actually wearing Sock 'Em Boppers instead of boxing gloves. Even if it attacks you, it doesn't hurt that much. Trust me.

18. Cleflax

This napping monstrosity only has one tooth... and that's where it derives all of its power. Don't be fooled by its cuddly body, Cleflax means business. This thing will run at you yelling "I hope my wire crew is ready!" and the next thing you know, you'll be Body Slammed into next week.

19. Jynto

Grimace from the '90s McDonalds commercials, nuff said.

20. Magnem

Part soccer ball, part cyclops — Magnem has no clue what's going on.

21. Dugsian

This mole-cat fusion is so cute, I'd hire Team Rocket to steal one for me.

22. Shellsprout

Basically the runaway tree from Reddit, amirite?

23. Weemander

*exhales out of nose* — Nope.

24. Chanfing

The cutest thing that will ever give you lung cancer.

25. Aeroqueen

If this thing could make a noise, it'd sound like Wario's laughter, aimed at your incompetence as a trainer. Aeroqueen will not obey.

26. Electrsey

This psychopath is 100% plotting your demise.

27. Haunth

As if cats weren't already evil enough, add a Haunter into the mix? Game over. GG, we had a nice run.

For as strange as Pokémon already are (palm trees, magnets, volcano chickens), Fusions take them to a whole new level of weird. Let's be glad these fused monstrosities aren't real ...yet.

If you'd like to create your own Pokémon Fusions, you can follow this link — Share your best (or worst) creations in the comments!

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