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Major spoilers for Sun and Moon lie ahead, read at your own risk!

The world has gone Pokémon crazy once again due to the recent release of the ground breaking mobile sensation, Pokémon Go. The buzz and excitement surrounding the Pokémon community is very fitting considering the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

For their 20th anniversary, Pokémon promised to celebrate in style, and boy, have they done just that. They have re-released the original Red, Blue and Yellow games for the Nintendo 3DS family, gifted us with the mobile game Pokemon Go and distributed mythical event Pokémon to all 6th generation - X and Y and ORAS - titles. Not only that, but it looks as if Ash Ketchum will finally become Pokémon Champion in the anime as he has progressed to the final of the Kalos League! While all of this is enough to satisfy any Pokémon fan, Nintendo have saved their best for last with the upcoming release of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Solgaleo and Lunala
Solgaleo and Lunala

Sun and Moon have caused an uproar within the Pokémon community, as the new trailer revealed that the series has undergone a dramatic revamp in regards to the Gym mechanics. The games look to redesign the way we play Pokémon, as we will no longer be able to collect Gym badges and challenge the Elite Four and Champion. Instead we will face Island bosses who will act similar to the Orange League bosses in the Orange Archipelago arc of the Pokémon anime. While this dramatic overhaul is enough to cause a debate within the community, the announcement is infamous for all but confirming a set of leaks that found their way onto the internet months before the trailer debuted.

Do these leaks hint towards many new Pokémon?

Note: Almost all Images of the leaks have been taken down from the internet, furthering the argument that the leak is genuine.

The leak stated that Rowlet, Litten and Popplio would receive final evolutions based off of an archer, wrestler and siren, respectively. The leak then went on to say that we would receive new forms of familiar Pokémon in Alola, which was later revealed to be Alolan forms for five Generation one Pokemon. Along with the starter and new form announcements, the leak stated that we would no longer be battling Gyms or the Elite Four as our goal in Sun and Moon is to create our very own Pokémon League.

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The leak got everything correct except the starters as their final evolutions are still to be unveiled to the public, but leaked concept art of the evolutions accompanied the leak.

Litten, Popplio and Rowlet's final evolutions
Litten, Popplio and Rowlet's final evolutions

As you can see, the three evolutions resemble an archer, wrestler and siren for each respective Pokémon. After the reveal of the recent trailer, the leak blew up and everyone was frantically analyzing every piece of information to try and find new details about the game. The extra information uncovered revealed that there would be a third Legendary Pokémon named Marshadow which would have a unique type combination. We also had news regarding Rockruff, the Pokémon revealed in a CoroCoro scan. The leak suggests that Rockruff will be linked to the starter Pokémon and will have a final evolution based off of a werewolf.

While I believed we would have to wait for another official trailer later this year to confirm all of this information, a leaked Pokédex has made its way onto the internet through our lovely friends over at 4Chan.

Does the Pokédex confirms the previous leak?

The Alola Pokedex
The Alola Pokedex

There it is in all of its glory, the Alola Pokédex. Right off the bat we get a direct confirmation of the Rowlet, Litten and Popplio leak as the starters final evolutions are named Robinroot (archer) Beltigre (lucha wrestler) and Sirene (siren). Another leak that we can confirm through the starters is the Rockruff rumor. Rockruff's final evolution, Weruff, has a Rock/Various typing, and if you look at the starter's final evolutions you can see that all three have a 'various' as their second typing. This could be that each Pokémon has a different secondary typing on each island as the recent trailer showed that Oricorio will have a different typing depending on which of the four in game islands it is on.

Orocorio's different forms.
Orocorio's different forms.

Another major leak to point out is the reveal of Marshadow, who has apparently been renamed Malshadow. While the leak originally stated that Marshadow will have a unique type combination, the Pokédex leak has the Pokemon down for a dual Dark and Fire type. This typing is definitely not unique as that combination has been around since the second generation, being Houndour and Houndoom's dual typing. The leak could have meant that it is a unique typing for a Legendary Pokémon, as Houndour and Houndoom are the only Pokémon to have that typing.

Another reveal in this leak actually links us back to the Kalos region. In X and Y we are given an item that resembles a Tiki Head which is said to be a sculpture of a protector of a far away region. The Pokémon Tapu Koko, Tapu Pipi, Tapu Poloka and Tapu Mano look to be the aforementioned protector as each of them have very Hawaiian names (the Alola region is based off of Hawaii) and there are four of them which would mean there is one protector for each in-game island.

The Strange 'Tiki' Souvenir
The Strange 'Tiki' Souvenir

While on the subject of connecting to different regions, it appears that Generation two laughing stock, Dunsparce, finally has a new evolution. Number 810, Dustrance, has a type combination - ground and fairy- that I believe Dunsparce should have got when many normal types were buffed to fairy type in X and Y. With Alolan forms seemingly taking over Mega Evolutions as the main focus of Sun and Moon, don't be shocked if you find that Dunsparce receives an Alolan form with ground/fairy type combination.

While it is easy to dismiss this leak as it comes from 4Chan, one has to consider the fact that this is a very comprehensive Pokédex, with 103 new Pokémon being introduced. This makes the Alola Pokédex the second largest Pokédex in the main series games after Red and Blue's original Pokédex which introduced 151 Pokémon to the world.

Based off of the Pokédex alone, this definitely shows that Pokémon plan to celebrate the end of their 20th anniversary in style. Sun and Moon plan to introduce the most Pokémon in a game since Gold and Silver, never before seen type combinations and an abundance of original Pokémon designs and that's just from the Pokédex! We haven't even begun to speculate what ramifications the new Pokémon League structure will have on the franchise, but I reckon it will change the franchise forever.

What do you think of the leaks? Do you believe them?


What starter Pokemon will you pick?


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