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Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO, continue to block server access to third-party sites that try to make the game easier for players. First it was the tracking site Pokevision, now it's IV calculator site PokeAdvisor according to the site owner in a recent Reddit announcement.

PokeAdvisor has been a popular way of discovering the hidden IV stats of your captured Pokémon. While you can see what the health and attack moves of your Pokémon are, their attack value as well as defense and stamina are not shown to players in Pokémon GO without the help of a third party site.

These individual values (AKA IV) can vary even for the same kind of Pokemon. So you could have two Pikachus and one could have high stats and one low and you wouldn't know since they are hidden from you in the game unless you checked through a third party site like PokeAdvisor.

Now that Niantic has effectively shut down another site, they are hoping to further stabilize their own servers. While these third party sites were popular with players they were providing a huge drag on the game's servers.

But if Niantic would implement some of these features into the game that these sites provided, maybe they wouldn't have popped up in the first place. And these sites aren't the only ones doing it.

There are still apps providing the same functions. They are likely next on Niantic's list if they also rely on backend access to Niantic's servers too provide users with a look at hidden data.

New in-game tracking feature in testing

In the meantime, Niantic has started experimenting with a new kind of Pokémon tracking with a new patch that went live yesterday. Not much is known about how it works yet as not every player has access to it.

Hopefully it functions better than the last iteration which, well, didn't work at all. So they pulled it entirely. Now players have no way to track Pokémon at all but the third party sites and apps that can still hack server data.

Either way, without access to the back end of the server, PokeAdvisor's hidden stat feature is unusable for now and players no longer can tell exactly how powerful their new Pokémon are. Without knowing the randomly generated attack, defense, and stamina values of every newly captured creature, Pokémon GO is back to being another big guessing game.

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