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Jay Ricciardi

No Man's Sky is finally out! Pretty much the entire internet is freaking out about the game, but no one is freaking out more than No Man's Sky's own creator, Sean Murray.

Murray has been a public face for the game, hosting a recent Reddit AMA, talking on the Sony blog about how No Man's Sky can have 18 quintillion possible planets, and generally being excitable.

And watching his launch day meltdown on Twitter has been pretty hysterical – and pretty adorable.

And yes, fans having issues: Murray did comment on the server overload. As you'll see below - I think the entire Hello Games team was more than a little surprised the game's launch was so massive and the servers couldn't quite handle the loads.

It all started with Murray simply unable to comprehend the sheer number of people actually playing No Man's Sky. He touched on the insane Twitch.TV popularity, the fact that there have been over million discoveries in the course of an hour, and he even offered Elon Musk a copy of the game to play.

Keep an eye on Murray's Twitter account for any future updates, and keep an eye on Now Loading for all your No Man's Sky needs.

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