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Sean Murray made it very clear that multiplayer was not something people should be thinking about when going into No Man's Sky. Though the game does indeed boast online and multiplayer features, they're not how we imagined. And now that No Man's Sky has actually been released on the PS4, we're realizing that the multiplayer disappointments are only deepening.

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Expectations Altered: Looks Like You Can't See Your Friends In No Man's Sky

Yesterday, player TheSadCactus was out traversing the depths of space. He happened upon a planet which was actually named and discovered by another player, named Psytokat. Assuming that the other traveller was also wandering through the endless night, he sent them a message. They replied. Pretty soon the two of them were on Twitch together, simultaneously streaming their efforts to meet up. They picked a location and decided to go say, "Hey!"

But they couldn't.

They stood in the exact same location and neither player could see one another. They weren't able to see each other on either planets or a neighboring space station. So it seems we don't actually occupy the same instances of the game. Though we can revel in one another's discoveries and hilarious names, we won't actually be able to find each other.

Image credit: Kotaku
Image credit: Kotaku

This comes as a bit of a surprise, seeing as Sean Murray made it sound like we could meet up in No Man's Sky. At one point during development he even stated that the only way you could see what your character looks like was to have another player spot you. But a great deal can change during development, and perhaps this was too much to accommodate. Maybe the feature will be introduced in one of No Man's Sky's future patches, but for now, looks like we're on our own out there, travelers.

What do you think of No Man's Sky's multiplayer?


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