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The first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series has recently come out to strong reviews. While the PC version of the game has reportedly been facing a couple of issues, the console version seems to be working just fine!

Having played the first episode, Realm of Shadows, on PlayStation 4, I can confirm that this is truly a Telltale game — a compelling story, a great cast of characters, and a variety of decisions that range from "you did okay" to "man, you just messed up EVERYTHING." Batman: The Telltale Series has all the elements we've come to expect from a Telltale game!

But now that Telltale has more or less successfully adapted Gotham City's dark protector, they shouldn't prepare to leave the comic book world just yet. There are still hundreds of amazing superheroes out there who deserve their own story-driven point-n'-click adventures. To save time, I've complied a list of only five!

1. Spider-Man

Spider-Man's turn? (Marvel Comics)
Spider-Man's turn? (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man is currently getting prepped for a third-person action-adventure game from Ratchet and Clank developers Insomniac Games. I'm looking forward to this game, but Spidey deserves more than one awesome video game in the foreseeable future.

His next game should absolutely be a decision-based game by Telltale! Anyone who's picked up a Spider-Man comic book, or seen the movies, knows exactly how compelling and complex Peter Parker's life is. His story is the perfect material for a Telltale game.

Just like in Batman, players would have to make decisions not only as Spider-Man, but as Peter Parker too. Telltale could even take some liberties with iconic Spider-Man moments. Imagine if just one decision you made could save Gwen Stacy's life, but ultimately doom the life of Spidey's other love interest, Mary Jane, or his friend Harry Osborne? The stakes would be high, and you'd finally get the chance to feel what a day in the life of Peter Parker is really like!

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2. Green Arrow

Green Arrow: Tragic origins. (DC Comics)
Green Arrow: Tragic origins. (DC Comics)

Not too many people know it, but Green Arrow's origins are just as tragic and interesting as Batman's. Oliver Queen was your average spoiled rick kid, before his life was changed forever when his cruise ship crashed and he got shipwrecked on a deserted island.

After surviving on the island for half a decade, Queen returns home completely changed. Using the skills he learned on the island, he becomes Green Arrow, a superhero who protects his home of Star City from criminals and supervillains.

In a Telltale Green Arrow game, episodes could go back and forth between Oliver's time on the island and his time in Star City as a vigilante. Players would have to make good decisions to survive in both environments. A political element could even be added in, since in both the comics and the show, Oliver Queen runs for Mayor at one point.

3. Deadpool

Deadpool? Count me in. (Fox)
Deadpool? Count me in. (Fox)

The "Merc with a Mouth" should definitely be the subject of his own Telltale game! Giving players the option to choose between several humorous comments and remarks, as well as introducing more of Deadpool's side characters and supervillains, would make for a pretty awesome and hilarious point-n'-click adventure.

Not to mention the fact that Deadpool, known for destroying the fourth wall, would likely make several comments about the game he's currently aware he's starring in. But the game would be more than just fourth-wall breaking, quick-witted humor. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but Deadpool does have a pretty emotionally tragic and serious side.

The Telltale Deadpool game could explore the character's troubled history, and show the world a side of the loud-mouthed mercenary they aren't too familiar with.

4. John Constantine

Constantine: All the world has. (DC Comics)
Constantine: All the world has. (DC Comics)

Constantine may have unfortunately tanked in the world of television, but a game based on the life of the supernatural detective would absolutely excel! For those unfamiliar with John Constantine, the Hellblazer star deals with otherworldly matters, similar to Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Unlike the Sorcerer Supreme however, this DC anti-hero isn't the strongest sorcerer in the world, but he's all the world has to protect it from the supernatural forces banging at its door.

A Telltale game based on John Constantine would certainly have to capitalize on his detective skills, as well as his ability to look into the "demon world". Players would come across as much decision-making as they'd expect in a Telltale game, as Constantine would have to use his wit and powers to determine who to trust, and who to pay close attention to. I imagine this game being similar to Telltale's The Wolf Among Us video game.

5. Robin

One Robin? No. ALL the Robins. (DC Comics)
One Robin? No. ALL the Robins. (DC Comics)

Now there's a reason I didn't choose a specific Robin for this list. It's because I don't just want a game focusing on one particular Robin, because they're all too awesome to choose from. Instead, I'd much rather have a game starring all of Batman's former and current sidekicks!

How would that work? Well, I imagine it would be in the same vein as another Telltale game, Game of Thrones. In Telltale's Game of Thrones, players take control of several members of House Forrester, as well as a few members of their allies in House Tuttle. Each character comes with a different story, but all of their stories are connected in some way.

I'd love to see a story that connects the Robins while they're all currently doing their own thing. Damien Wayne would be the current Robin, Tim Drake would be leading the Teen Titans, Dick Grayson would be fighting his own battles as Nightwing, and Stephanie Brown would be adopting either her Spoiler or Batgirl persona. Notice how I didn't mention Jason Todd, the Robin who died and came back.

That's because in my dream Robin: The Telltale Series game, Todd would be the reason for every former Robin's story to connect. Just imagine a story revolving around Jason Todd's recent resurrection, and every other Robin's life getting flipped around because of it! Okay Telltale, when you're done with Batman, I'm going to need you to make a Robin spin-off right away!

What's next? (Telltale)
What's next? (Telltale)

We're four episodes away from the season finale of Batman: The Telltale Series, so when that's done, Telltale should definitely look any of these comic book character for their next game!

The world of comics is so vast, with so many stories to choose from, Telltale could deliver a ton of amazing comic book video games based on these and other comic book characters.

Thanks For Reading! Which superhero do you want to see star in a Telltale game next?


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