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Since we've learned that we can't see our friends or other players in No Man's Sky, our desire to share the galaxy and its some 18 quintillion planets with others has only strengthened. After all, this space adventure is said to invoke a tremendous sense of isolation. So when we uncovered the fact that No Man's Sky will, in a sense, permit players to have their own space pets, those lonely feelings were soon abated.

How To Recruit Space Pets In No Man's Sky


Who wouldn't want to have one of these little things as a pet?

In No Man's Sky, once you happen upon a friendly creature, perhaps similar to the one above, you'll be able to befriend them — note that any hostile alien species cannot become your friends, they remain space assholes — and once that happens they can help you on your quests in small ways.

The key to any alien's heart is their stomach. You'll need to find the right kind of element to entice the creature to feed from your hand, so that the bonding can commence. But first you'll have to catch them. Most of the aliens in the game are pretty shy and will attempt to flee if you come anywhere near them, so be ready to run after them. A lot.

But once you get in range, simply hold down Square to feed it. If you have the correct element, the little guy will take it and the game will automatically remove 20 of that specific element from your inventory. If the creature was happy with the food, a little smiley appears above their head, which, as we all now, means they're now your friend.

I want these as my pets.
I want these as my pets.

So, now that you've made a space friend, what can you do?

Once fed, creatures will likely play with you as they run around excitedly, with some of them even providing perks for the player. Aliens can mine minerals for you, excrete valuable materials (lovely), locate rare resources, find items or even defend you from other threats. Pretty cool pets!

However, they will be limited to the planet you find yourself on. If you fly off, you won't be able to take them with you and they won't run after your ship. Think of these pets as short-term helpers on your journey to the center of the galaxy. Use them, then take off.

Wait...maybe we're the space assholes.

Have you had any pets in No Man's Sky?


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