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Okay so you've mined all the minerals you need to make some incredible upgrades, fueled everything you own and funded your expeditions through the black. Your ship is sick, your weapon dangerous and your suit hella protective. Everything is awesome in the big ol' Sky of No Man.

But what happens when you come across an alien life form that doesn't speak your preferred lingo? How're you going to trade that precious cargo for a mound of Units if you can't communicate with those presiding over the trade posts? Or how are you supposed to learn the mysteries of ancient and now defunct races if all you see is some language that is made up of... what is that? A succession of dots?!

How To Learn Languages Fast In No Man's Sky

There are a few tricks of getting your brain around the languages of No Man's Sky:

1. Interact With Aliens!

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Which makes proper sense, right? Every now and again you may come across a life form that is willing to have a friendly chat with you and increase your knowledge of said language. How lovely of them!

When speaking with aliens, their responses will display as utter gobbledygook, unless you know a few of the words already. Then you could simply guess at exactly what it is space-dude is trying to hint at. Alternatively, you could...

2. Hunt Down Monoliths

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Dotted around on certain planets in the game are towering, glowing structures that are basically a letter from an age ago. Interacting with these monoliths (by pressing Square) will deliver a little test, of sorts, that you have to pass before they bestow upon you the ability to converse in a new, extraterrestrial language. Or you might get your hands on a rare gift or artifact.

Regarding languages though, you'll only be able to learn a small part of the lingo. You'll have to find more monoliths corresponding to the same language on other worlds. Oh and...

3. Knowledge Stones

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Image source -'s%20Sky_20160806141002.jpg

Are also immensely helpful when trying to pick up the colloquialisms of a cold world. Dotted around sporadically on planets, and found more consistently around monoliths, knowledge stones will... well... grant your avatar knowledge of alien words. Which is kinda similar to...

4. Plaques

When you think about it. Plaques are artifacts that not only teach you ancient alien words, plaques also offer you incentives like blueprints, or, even better, actual upgrades!

There's so much going on in No Man's Sky that traveling through the stars will be pretty daunting at first. Stick with us over here at Now Loading. We've got the bases covered.

(Source: No Man's Sky Information Repository)


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