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It's a dangerous galaxy out there. There are 18 quintillion planets in No Man's Sky, almost all of which have the potential to be fraught with danger. So while you're busy tending to your ship, trying to make pets out of the galaxy's weirdest creatures and coming to grips with the game's crafting system, you may actually overlook some of the ways you can take of yourself.

Not to worry, we got you covered.

All The Ways To Heal Yourself In No Man's Sky

Method Uno

Plants. Fauna all over the galaxy have healing capabilities, and the easiest way to locate them is to use your area scan. You'll obviously need the upgrade module in order to start using said scanner, but you can locate the plants without it.

But for scanner use, after holding down Circle while on foot you should see a load of crosses pop up on your screen. These are the plants. Simply walk on over and interact with one of them to give yourself a little boost of health. Simple.

Method Zwei

Aliens. Certain aliens out there are helpful little buggers. There are plenty of procedurally generated races in No Man's Sky and they can be found on the majority of planets, but only the scientists have the ability to heal you. Walk on over to them and they'll offer a clean bill of health for a small fee.

Method Tre

Cubes. The blue kind. Scattered throughout the worlds of No Man's Sky are small cubes that randomly appear. You'll find them resting on top of tables and they're not all that difficult to come across.

First however: the amount of health they give you is as random as the faces of the game's creatures. You'll just have to hope for a spot of luck.

Second however: They might not always give you health. They're actually buffers, so the effects will always be positive, but they may actually replenish your armor, give you some extra funds, or give you some health. Yet again, it's all down to chance. So try not to rely on these things too much.

Method Quatre

Time. As we've come to expect with a lot of video games, No Man's Sky will heal you as you walk around. Stay away from angry aliens and adverse weather conditions for a while and your health bar will very slowly regenerate.

Take care, wide-eyed traveller. Take care.

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