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In cased you missed it, No Man's Sky just released yesterday, and people everywhere are discovering the procedurally-generated universe together. In fact, according to the game's creator, Sean Murray, over 1 million discoveries were reported to the No Man's Sky servers in just one hour! That's insane!

I picked up the game yesterday and started my adventure on a planet (that I've named Chuchamunga. Don't ask.) that was completely toxic for my human body. Even so, I still managed to discover some weird-looking creatures that could somehow breathe in the toxic atmosphere. Then it hit me: A lot of these extra terrestrial creatures look like Pokemon!

Here are 6 No Man's Sky organisms that look like they belong to a Pokemon evolution chain!

Liepard and Purple Cat Dude

Our first specimen obviously has plenty of cat-like features already. Along with its purple color and polka-dots, I think it's safe to say that this guy is clearly the evolution of Liepard. Also, look at those red eyes and grumpy expression-- he's definitely a Dark type!

I'm naming this one Cheattah.

Swalot and Derpy Mouth Blob

Let's face it, Gulpin and Swalot are already pretty derpy looking Pokemon. I think this little guy fits right in and brings the derpiness to the next level. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice some droplets-- this could potentially be acid rain, which would lead one to believe that Derpy Mouth Blob is a Poison type.

Naming this one Esophaderp.

Gogoat and Gogoat Without Grass

This little fella looks pretty shy. It's probably because he feels naked without his grassy body. I honestly only paired these guys up because of the horns, but it wouldn't be the first time that a Pokemon loses a type when they evolve! I'd say this one's a Normal type, but nothing about No Man's Sky is normal.

Name? Stopgoat. 'Cuz it's red.

Arbok and Ridiculously Large Snake

Guys, this snake is so big that it's probably also procedurally-generated. This thing would totally be the giant snake on my team-- sorry Onix and Gyrados. Arbok's needed an evolution for a while now, and I think we can all agree that a gigantic snake would fit the bill. I wonder how many feet that beast is.

What am I saying? Snakes don't have feet.

This one's called Gibekanz.

Bewear and Shy Bear Thingy

For those of you who aren't up-to-date with the new Pokemon coming in Sun and Moon, Bewear has one of the saddest backstories of any Pokemon. This lovable bear loves to give hugs, but underestimates his own strength, and basically crushes everything. Now look at the picture on the right-- it tells a story. When Bewear evolves, his evolution gets really sad and depressed and doesn't hug people anymore. Instead, its sharp claws tend to scare people away and it basks away in its dreary sorrow. Glad I could ruin your potentially amazing day!

This ball of sadness is hereby named Bearliokay.

Alolan Exeggutor and ???


So, what are you waiting for?

There are 18 quintillion planets of potential Pokemon just waiting to be discovered! Have you found any ridiculous-looking wildlife on your journey to the center of the universe? Do they look like they'd be Pokemon? Sound off in the comments!


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