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If there are two universal truths, they're this: 1. Everyone loves Pokémon; 2. Everyone loves fan art.

We've seen tons of fantastic Pokémon fan art through the years and the internet doesn't seem to ever want to stop gobbling it up. We've seen super creepy realistic Pokémon, fan-made custom Pokémon starters, and already we've even caught a good glimpse of the Pokémon Sun & Moon starter fan art tributes.

So, it's easy to see why we love these type-swapped Gen 1 starter imaginations from Redditor Frank Sullivan (u/ill_be_Frank_wit_you). I asked Sullivan about his inspiration, and he mentioned drawing direct inspiration from Pokémon Sun and Moon's exciting new Alola forms, which type-swap older Gen 1 Pokémon:

I got the ideas for my type swapped Pokemon from the Alolan ice Pokémon forms of Sandshrew and Vulpix and I thought about which other Gen 1 Pokémon would be cool to see with other types. So I started working on the starters and it kind of blew up from there.

Stage One Evolutions

Fire type Bulbasaur, Water type Charmander, Grass type Squirtle

Water type Bulbasaur, Grass type Charmander, Fire type Squirtle

Stage Two Evolutions

Fire type Ivyasaur, Water type Charmleon, Grass type Wartortle

Water type Ivyasaur, Grass type Charmleon, Fire type Wartortle

Stage 3 Evolutions

Fire type Venusaur, Water type Charizard, Grass type Blastoise

Water type Venusaur, Grass type Charizard, Fire type Blastoise

When talking about his ideas, Sullivan mentioned that he was excited to give other generations of starters, but he's not quite willing to spoil his ideas for us yet. Although, we've certainly got our own wishlist for Alola form Pokémon with fresh new types...

I'll keep my ideas for the future starters to myself since a lot of people have started to draw type swapped starters. But I will say once I finish all the starters I'll probably do Magikarp and Gyarados first!

You can catch Sullivan's work and future type-swapped Pokémon on Reddit's r/Pokemon and on his Instagram account @ill_be_frank_with_you. As of this writing, he's already started on the gen 2 starters!


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