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Landing on and naming your first planet in No Man's Sky is sort of like renting your first apartment. Sure, it won't last forever and possibly has toxic living conditions with signs of alien life — but it's nostalgic all the same. And so, Reddit did what Reddit does and dedicated a space for players to collectively crystallize their first planet in the annals of the internet.

If you hadn't heard, No Man's Sky released with a lot of planets and they're generated in a way that makes each one pretty unique. As a result, players are showing off just what the game had in store for them on their first planetary adventure.

Below, we've compiled a few of our favorite No Man's Sky release day screenshots that really exemplify how different (and dangerous) these planets can be!

Several people started out their journeys in the cold

If you can't tell from the screenshots above, these unlucky adventurers got stuck with planets whose temperatures ranged from -39.4 degrees Celsius at the warmest, to -70.0 degrees Celsius at the coldest.

Still, despite each planet being cold, there is still variety in the life. From grassy, open ranges to mountains and from snow-covered pine trees to red-leafed trees all the way to whatever that green cattail-like stuff is in the top left, each planet is unique.

And, of course, these are all just the very first views players had. There's a whole planet left to explore in each of these.

Some like it hot, though

On second thought, 70+ degrees Celsius might be too warm. Still, a warm planet doesn't always mean lava everywhere and an enemy bio-weapon in hiding. As you can see, both planets have a unique surface and even more unique skylines.

Speaking of the skyline, the top player has three planets/moons in the distance as options for their next travel destination. Plus, that cave — thanks to a huge day-one patch — is likely very large and full of stuff to explore. Sorry, bottom player, I think the first player got the better planet this time.

Still, some planets were more toxic than certain parts of the internet

Did you survive the extreme cold and heat? Good! Because that means you'd probably fare well on these next planets that some players landed on. Neither hot nor cold, these ones are toxic!

While it's hard to quantify Toxicity in the same way as temperature, the game does have its own indicator for this, as you can see in the bottom-left corner of each screenshot.

More than that, though, what I really like about this bunch is the variety. Each planet not only emphasizes the different way life can manifest, they also are perfect examples of the game's day/night cycles in action. Two of these players landed on the dark side of their planets, while the other two landed on the light side — resulting in a different time of day upon landing.

But some radiated with life! Wait, no, I meant radiation. Lots of radiation

Unlike the above three measures of danger, Radiation levels don't have to be very high to be dangerous. As you can see, a reading of 5.3 is enough to make radiation a planet's biggest environment hazard.

But just because a planet is irradiated doesn't mean it's going to look the same. These planets have floating rocks, flat surfaces, weird glowing flora, and much more. I honestly want to jump into each of these planets and explore the rest of them just because they look so cool.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, you get to plant your unique flag in a planet when you land, if the rest of the game's diversity weren't enough.

Have you started playing 'No Man's Sky' yet? If so, what was your first planet like?


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