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With universal exploration game, No Man's Sky, out this week I thought it would be a great time to share my personal top 5 science fiction games. I'm not mad into sci-fi as some, but that does not mean I'm not partial to a bit of mind-bending physics and exploring vast galaxies.

Video games and science fiction go hand in hand, both modes of entertainment allow for potentially endlessly opportunities, and combining the two is a natural fit. Over the years there have been many games which have combined seamlessly with science fiction, often producing excellent gaming experiences.

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So without further a do, I'm boldly going where some folk have probably been before, here our my top 5 science fiction games. Enjoy!

5. Startopia


Arguably the most obscure title on the list, Startopia was essentially a space station simulator where you took control of said space station, attempting to create one which filled several specific purposes and housed numerous alien visitors.

It's a personal favorite of mine as I have fond memories wasting hours at the weekend, getting slowly absorbed into creating the best station possible and trying to satisfy the needs of visitors... even if that meant creating what seemed to be futuristic brothels.

Things weren't always straight forward as sometimes you would compete for space on a station against other, sometimes hostile space station managers. Startopia had lots of charm and character and offered a varied amount of depth without being taxing.

4. FTL (Faster Than Light)

Battles in FTL were often very tense and frenetic
Battles in FTL were often very tense and frenetic

Addiction... that is how I would sum FTL up. If you just looked at screenshots of FTL you probably would not think much. The basic 2d, pixel art graphics are not exactly mind blowing but dismissing this game on visuals alone would be a foolish mistake as FTL is one of the most tactical, in-depth and addictive "mobile" (well tablet) games to date.

FTL does a fantastic job of never making you feel too overpowered thanks to it's numerous possibilities. Each play-through is different from the last and each run improves your knowledge and understanding of FTL. Battles become very tense, strategic affairs where any decision you make can mean success or failure especially the further you progress. There is more than meets the eye with FTL and after just a short while you will be constantly saying "just one more jump".

3. Portal 2

Portal 2
Portal 2

The original Portal was a surprise package shipping as part of the The Orange Box, with the game somewhat stealing the show from the big named busters it accompanied, Team Fortress and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

I had a hard time choosing between the the original and the sequel but I have plumped for the latter due to the many additions brought to the already clever, fun and absorbing action... plus there was a co-op mode which meant numerous ways to screw your "ally" over using the games unique "teleporting" abilities.

Portal 2 was a joy to play, it kept things fresh throughout by introducing new elements such as propulsion gel and the completion of puzzles brought a warm, euphoric feeling to my soul.

2. X-COM: Enemy Within

88% chance of hitting... will probably miss then
88% chance of hitting... will probably miss then

X-COM is a masterclass in micro management and strategy. The turn based strategic shooter gained many admirers when it launched thanks to its addictive gameplay and demanding action. Every decision you make has an effect or consequence. Focus too much on one area and you could leave yourself short in various others.

X-COM could be distressingly difficult in places too, seeming mercilessly unfair at times, but often you came to the painful realization that it was your own tactics and planning which lead to your downfall. Every situation brought immense tension whether it be in battle or outside of it, X-COM really brought a sense of urgency to proceedings, one you would expect from an alien invasion of Earth.

1. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 was a sequel done right, taking everything that made the first game great and improving on it. It was such a refined experience compared to the original, which, although was also a wonderful experience, it was slightly raw in its execution.

Mass Effect 2 is my favourite science-fiction game to date, it has it all; spaceships, numerous & varied alien races, out of this world settings, humor, interesting characters... oh and the gameplay was pretty good too. It had everything, and the further I delved into the universe, the more I wanted to explore and the more I wanted find out about the people and aliens that inhabited the universe as well as those that lived on my ship.

Mass Effect 2 is a modern gaming classic and just goes to show how well space and video games can go together.

There you go folks the definitive top 5 science fiction games... well my favorites anyway!

Over to you now.

What did you make of the top 5? Did you agree with my list or maybe you have your own favourites? All thoughts, comments, opinions, etc welcome below. Thanks for reading, until next time! Have fun and play games!


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