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So, the time has come for you to embark on one of the biggest gaming adventures of your life. No Man’s Sky will be the most expansive game that you will have ever played. Having played it for a few hours myself, I can say without hesitation that, if there is one thing that No Man’s Sky doesn’t do, it’s hold your hand.

We want to steer clear of a ‘blind leading the blind’ type scenario – after all, the game has only been out for a few days – so, how about a retrospective approach. Today I will share with you a few vital tips that I wish I knew before I started out on my journey in No Man’s Sky.

There are 18 quintillion planets out there and these 8 tips will help you get out amongst them a heck of a lot quicker. Save money, time and energy – it’s a no-brainer.

8. Catalog

Be the Darwin of the skies, catalog everything you see on a new planet. Sure it’s boring, but by cataloging as much of the planetary flora and fauna available, you can provide yourself with a real easy, steady stream of income.

Do this from the very beginning and you will have a distinct monetary advantage over other players that have not. It’s not a competition but this will make it easier, in the long run, to buy the things you need to reach the center of the Galaxy.

7. Pet the animals

By petting and feeding the local wildlife you can gain access to certain rare minerals that otherwise would remain hidden. It makes sense; if you are lost or need to find something specific, who better to ask than the locals, right?

Although (most) animals cannot speak, they can certainly be bought. By feeding the animals you can persuade them to lead you to extraordinary ancient relics or even poop out rare, exotic gems.

Wipe it off and put it in your pocket, it’s as organic as it comes. It is also worth mentioning that these animals can even become your pets.

6. Plan ahead

Packed lunch - Check. Thermos of hot coffee - Check. Plutonium… eeer? Make sure you have the resources needed to complete your journey; you cannot guarantee to pick up the necessary minerals from the next planet. If you are low on plutonium, do not just wing it.

It is highly likely that you will land on a planet that has no plutonium and if you are out of plutonium with no available assets to use on the planet you have landed on you are stranded. Ever heard the phrase in space no one hears you scream? Literally, your only option here is to kill yourself and return to your last save. Plan ahead people.

5. The higher you fly the quicker you travel (within an atmosphere)

Dr Sheldon Cooper is wading in on this one: Did you know that planes fly faster the higher up they fly? It’s just science baby. The same goes for No Man’s Sky, if you are planning on flying to a new landing zone on a planet, head up to the point which you can see the curvature of the planet. From here you will note that the travel time will have decreased dramatically. Mind blown!

4. Visit the space station first, always first

The first thing you must do when entering into a new solar system is visit the space station. Here you can check the local economy and see which resources are most valuable and worth mining for. The valuable resources will be the ones with the stars next to them – you may even have some already which you can get shot of before you go.

Once you have your shopping list, the best way to find those valuable resources is to follow the trade routes – the trails you can see from your cockpit are what you want to follow.

3. Don’t buy, you can find ships!

Trading is not the only way to get a better ship in No Man’s Sky; you can actually find unique, planet exclusive ships abandoned on a rock's surface. These can be found via transmissions that can be located on every planet you visit. Play the transmissions, figure out the location and boom, she’s all yours.

2. Go to an Atlas station

Marked as red on the map, once you have built your warp cell and hooked up your hyperdrive, the first place you should go is an Atlas station. These stations offer up vital components to your overall success in No Man’s Sky and without giving too much away, they are items that you cannot do without.

1. Load up the ship instead

Storage is a pain in the ass when you first get going in No Man’s Sky. So, use your ship as a secondary inventory storage space. Gathering and storing items in No Man’s Sky is a key part of the gameplay, and managing this mechanic effectively can allow you to progress through the game a lot faster and with a lot less stress.

Use your ship's storage for your rare and secondary items. The ship can store double what the suit can and will allow you to mine the valuable resources required a lot faster. You can send items to your ship from wherever you are on the planet however, if you want to take something from your ship, you have to be next to it.

Have you got any tips for those new to No Man’s Sky?


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