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Last night, seventeen Call Of Duty Zombies YouTubers gathered for EE4C (Easter Eggs For Charity), the first stream in what will hopefully become an annual event. The stream, organized and hosted by NoahJ456, consisted of sixteen participants racing through all of the Black Ops 3's zombie mode in search of Easter Eggs. Although gaming streams for charity isn't exactly new (gamers have raised millions in streams), gaming and fundraising is part of a fantastic tradition and EE4C certainly did it with style, bringing together tons of individual streams and a huge variety of gamers, YouTubers, and viewers.

But not only was it one of the biggest fan streams in YouTube history, it was also for charity. The whole event was organized in order to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and raise it we did.

Smashing the goal of $50,000, we went double, bringing in a total of over $100,000 by the end of the stream (though donations are still open for the next few days). This incredible amount was achieved by all of the participating YouTubers (who donated nearly $15,000 between them), Syndicate (who donated $10,000), and everyone who came along to the streams, from people who donated $3 to people who donated several thousand. Over $50,000 of that was donated in the last two hours of the stream, a lot of it during one massive final push after the last Easter Egg.

Here's Who All Participated To Raise Money

NoahJ456's stream on the $100,000 mark
NoahJ456's stream on the $100,000 mark

The four teams, Team Ozzoths, The Team Plays, Team Buried 2, and Team Full Weeb each consisted of four YouTubers who play mostly Call of Duty zombies (on their main account). From English to Canadian to American, the talent on show here from the variety of YouTubers astounded viewers as each team rushed to complete and show off Easter Eggs.

Participating in the event were the following YouTubers:

  • NoahJ456 (host),
  • TheSmithPlays,
  • MrTLexify,
  • MrDalekJD,
  • MrRoflWaffles,
  • RadAustin27,
  • Conway22,
  • FantasticalGamer,
  • CodeNamePizza,
  • LiamFTWinter,
  • LonelyMailbox,
  • McSportsHawk,
  • ImChuckyFTW,
  • JohnyJ25,
  • TheeFrenzy,
  • Glitching Queen,
  • and Laggin24x

The idea was that the Easter Egg on each map on Black Ops 3 zombies would be completed by each team at the same time to see who got the fastest time. With seventeen streams going on, the excitement and energy from the community swapping from stream to stream was incredible.

Team Full Weeb (with team captain MrTLexify) won by a long shot, storming each Easter Egg and coming in first place each time. In second place was Team Buried 2 (with the team captain MrDalekJD), and in joint last place was Team Ozzoths (with team captain MrRoflWaffles) and The Team Plays (with team captain TheSmithPlays).

It Was Awesome To Be A Part Of Such A Big Charity Event

Despite this, all YouTubers and viewers alike enjoyed the stream and between us all we managed to raise a crazy amount for charity. On top of this, we managed several times to get trending on Twitter, and the stream made it on the homepage of YouTube Gaming. Also, EE4C teamed up with loads of big name gaming companies (such as Elgato Gaming, Kontrol Freek and Activision) in order to give away free raffle prizes to people who donated.

Events like these really show what the gaming community can do when we band together. With tens of thousands of viewers in total, seventeen YouTubers, and seven hours, we managed to raise $100,000 for St Jude's, a worthy cause. Let's hope for more livestreams like these and an even bigger EE4C in 2017.

You can follow the Easter Eggs For Charity team over on Twitter and you watch the whole 7-hour livestream below:

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