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There is an exploit in No Man’s Sky which allows players to farm infinite items. This method will allow you to double your inventory with ease in no time at all.

It is a game-changing exploit that requires minimal legwork. Whether or not you choose to exploit this glitch is up to you.

No Man’s Sky is a resource heavy adventure, in order to progress, you need resources. The need for provisions and resources is key to exploration in No Man’s Sky, not to mention instrumental to the underlying narrative.

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But getting your hands on these precious resources can prove tricky and time consuming, and when you're forced to mine the more elusive rare resources, you might as well pitch a tent in your current system because you are going to be there for some time.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. For a game as expansive as No Man’s Sky the sourcing element can, at times, be a little restrictive. If, like me, all you want to do is explore the vast infinite expanse of space or if you are more interested in seeing what lies in wait at the centre of the galaxy then this is the article for you.

How do I farm infinite items in No Man’s Sky?

Note: You must be in your ship – this only works with your ship (as far as we know).

When you die in your ship you effectively lose all the items collected in your inventory. But, it is not all bad news. If this happens, you are able to retrieve these lost items by visiting your grave marker when you respawn.

However, if you return to a previous save (with all your items still locked down), instead of the respawn, you will begin with all your items intact but will still be able to visit your grave marker and pick up the same inventory you ‘lost’, thus doubling up on items.

In order to make the most of this exploit, I advise you first go to a space station and put all the most valuable recourses you have, like Atlas Stones, in your inventory. Or the specific resources you need more of to achieve a specific goal, like building a warp cell.

Once this is done, save your game. Then head out to the nearest freighter and basically, get yourself killed. You must then select the previous save, not the last save. This will load you back up with all your items still intact and with the directions to your grave marker visible on your HUD.

Head back to the grave marker and you will be able to pick up all the items you had ‘lost’ which will then add to the items you still have from your previous save. You will now have double the amount of items.

Sell, craft or just get rid of the items you don’t need to make more space, head back to the space station, save your game and repeat. Job done.

Another way to further your inventory capacity is via this stacking method

Reddit user Cmdr_Darko points out that items can be stacked in one slot rather than taking up multiple ones. By utilizing this technique effectively you will be able to store multiple high value items, like Gravitino Balls, in one slot.

In order to explain how to do this, it is best we use an example. Let’s use an Advanced Cooling Theta Photon Cannon as reference.

To build this item you need Thamium9 (QTY 200), Chrysonite (QTY 250) & Gravitino Balls (Qty 10).

Once that tech is installed on your ship, you must make sure that your ship has three free slots available in its inventory. Once the free slots have been created, you must then dismantle your Advanced Cooling Theta Photon Cannon.

Once the cannon completes its dismantle, you will see that in those three available slots you will now have Thamium9 (QTY 100), Chrysonite (QTY 175) & Gravitino Balls Qty 5.

Look at the Gravitino balls slot: it will show that you have 5 out of 100. If you then move that to your inventory you will see that the balls will have now stacked.

In effect, these single high value items (like the Gravitino Balls mentioned above) take up one inventory slot EACH normally, but this ingenious new method now stacks them to allow multiple balls in one slot. Using this method lets you lug a huge haul of rare items back to a space station in order to sell them for a healthy profit.

It is important to remember that when selling items, you must always leave at least two in the stack to keep the stack alive.

According to Cmdr_Darko this method works with all the rarer items, too.

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