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No Man's Sky is one heck of a testing game to get your head around for the most part. One spoon survival, two shakes adventure epic, you have to constantly craft to survive and prosper, whilst building relationships with the lifeforms that inhabit the neon tainted stars. Amongst a plethora of other cool things to do.

But another thing that No Man's Sky has totally excelled at is being a space enthusiast's daydream. I've never been to space so I couldn't possibly comment on how realistic its depiction of the celestial seas are, but when I'm staring at a sky with 3 or more worlds peering back, I kinda start realizing that this was 60 Units well spent.

One of the most exciting developments was the game's inclusion of black holes. Yep, those terrible sounding voids of gravity, so strong, not even light can escape their grip, are to be found dotted around within the galaxy. But, despite how cool that may be...

What Do Black Holes Do In No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky's black holes act as a portal to ferry you further into the centre of the galaxy, as opposed to crushing you into absolutely nothing like our real world hearts of darkness do.

Tagged as a space anomaly, black holes can be found either by... you know... adventuring, or by heading to a special space station known as an alien anomaly. If you want to locate a black hole without the help of a space station, they will appear in your galactic map in a grey, triangular accented bracket.

Galactic map
Galactic map

Alien anomalies are space stations that house two alien NPCs – one tall and one short – who, helpfully, speak your language. The smaller NPC will offer you upgrades on your suit, ship and multi-tool, whereas the taller one will...

  • Get you onto the Atlas path by guiding you to an interface
  • Offer technical upgrades for your ship, suit and multi-tool
  • Offer a shortcut to the centre by giving you the coordinates to a black hole that'll push you that little bit closer to the endgame.

But, wait for it, there's a catch when it comes to using black holes.

Are Black Holes Actually Useful?

Black holes won't actually get you that close to the centre. Using one will boost you roughly 2000 light years closer, which is a number that is almost obtainable by upgrading your hyperdrive to its maximum amount (1500 light years). Also, black holes won't fire you in a straight line towards the centre. So you may have to do a fair amount of traveling to get you back onto the path.

Also, if you already have Atlas Interfaces on your galactic map, it would be a very good idea to check them off before heading into a black hole. Because if you don't, you won't be able to take on missions that lead you closer to the centre.

So... to use or not to use. That's pretty much the question, right?

How have your experiences been in No Man's Sky?

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(Source: No Man's Sky Wiki)


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