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No Man’s Sky has finally launched on PC and already players are rooting around within the game's code. The game has been in development for a number of years now, so it is understandable that already these data miners have found a cacophony of weird and wonderful things no one was ever meant to see.

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Hidden within the game's code hackers have found Xbox One related content, Half Life 2 logos, upside-down whales and even a little monkey wearing a fez (Joe Danger related maybe?).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that No Man’s Sky will be hitting Xbox anytime soon or that this is will be used as a prequel to Half Life 3. No, this all dates back to the early development stages of the game prior to the Sony’s exclusivity deal and the up-to-date narrative focus.

What it does mean though is that we may be able to find some brilliant Easter Eggs out there, if we look hard enough. Although, saying that, it wouldn’t surprise me to see No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One after all exclusivity contracts come to an end.

What I find most interesting though is the discovery of the “astronaut” (above), which is believed to be the representation of the player’s character.

So, could this be your face in No Man’s Sky? Not the fairest or most chiselled of heroes but definitely the closest we have gotten to seeing the face of our character. Fans have already tried to get a glimpse of the characters face, however they were unable to see each other’s characters at all, let alone their faces.

Hello Games has purposefully kept the gender, race, age and species of our character a secret. I recall that in an interview before the game was published Sean Murray pertained to the fact that the player will never know what they look like, unless they find another player. Don't quote me on that though.

Not surprisingly, there was no mention of any multiplayer; we knew that this was not the focus of the game and Murray has stated multiple times that this will not be a ‘Destiny-esque’ video game.

In a game this size I can see why, as multiplayer wouldn’t work (well). I mean, think about it. Even if you manage to lock down the logistics and meet on a planet, that planet would be at least the size of Earth. So, saying 'I am here, I am on a hill next to a big tree that looks like a Twinkie' is not really going to help your friend figure out where you are.

There is still plenty to come from this game, so I genuinely rule nothing out. This is one heck of a talented team and expect nothing but more great things to come.

To end with a slightly more personal note: I think that the introduction of universe-wide Easter Egg moments would be great, meaning one player finds something that creates a reaction that can be seen throughout the universe. Something like that would be real cool, if you're listening Hello Games.

What would you like to see added to No Man’s Sky?

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