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No Man's Sky is a game that revolves around mystery. Many of its core mechanics are intentionally left unexplained, no doubt designed to encourage a sense of uncertainty and willingness to experiment at the start of each player's journey.

But, for some, venturing out into the vast and unknown depths of space may be a task too daunting without a little guidance. Whilst going in blind is a very valid way to play, these essential No Man's Sky tips and tricks will turn stranded newbies into grizzled space truckers in no time.


Sprint hop: Use this invaluable technique to get around faster on foot. Start by sprinting (R3), tap melee (R1) and then immediately hold jump (X) to propel yourself forward with a powerful jetpack-propelled boost.

Glow in the dark: Press 'up' on the D-Pad to activate your flashlight at night.

Systems check: Press 'left' on the D-Pad to bring back your HUD when it fades from view.

Manage waypoints: Hold L2 to scan and mark a structure with the visor. Use your L3 scan again to remove it.


Always be stacking: There are much more nefarious ways to maximise your inventory space, but this one is the simplest. Inventory slots in your suit store half the amount (250) as each slot in your ship (500), so be sure to stack and store same-type resources in your cargo hold to make use of that capacity.

Tech cannot be moved: Make sure you're happy with an upgrade's placement before you build it, for reasons explained below. You can, however, dismantle tech upgrades to recoup half the resources required to rebuild it.

Upgrade placement matters: Your tech enhancements should always be connected to the item they're powering, or linked to another upgrade that is powering the item. This is because adjacent upgrades receive enhancements when placed next to each other, connoted by a colored outline that appears around it. Plan your placement accordingly to rack up those extra bonuses.


Triple zoom: Always ensure you make use of your visor's maximum zoom mode by clicking R3 twice. This will make scanning distant objects a breeze.

Flying fiends: There are some seriously weird lifeforms out there waiting to be catalogued. Unfortunately (for them), airborne creatures cannot be analyzed from the ground. Instead you'll have to shoot them down and locate the dead body, which can be quite a challenge without upgraded weaponry.

Pay attention to the dots: When holding L2 you should see green and red dots hover over creatures. Those you've discovered are marked green and those you haven't red. Most usefully, gray dots appear when unknown creatures are too far away to see, and can be followed to help reach a planet's 100% Creature Analysis goal (along with a hefty reward in units).


Take cover in foxholes: Take a break from hazardous environments by burrowing a hole in the terrain with your grenade launcher (upgrade required). You'll receive protection from the atmosphere; vital when you're caught short in a storm.

Life support: Stay alive for longer by stacking isotope resources on top of your life support system. This will ensure that it's automatically recharged and prevent your suit's intrusive computer from barking at you every 10 seconds.

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