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Rumours have been circling for a few days that Final Fantasy XV would receive yet another delay. So today came as little surprise when it was announced via the official Twitter account the release date had been moved to November 29th. In the statement given by Hajime Tabata himself, the reasoning given was that the new date "will allow the development teams time to further polish and conduct quality testing so that the reality of the game can match the expectations of both the fans and the creative teams." It was also mentioned that as the team worked on a Day One patch, they felt the extensive update should come shipped with the game.

Fans and haters alike have had much to say about this announcement, mostly expressing their frustrations. I myself have spent much of the afternoon discussing it with my peers and what I realised while we pondered about what other reasons behind the decision there could be (PlayStation Neo bundle perhaps?), was that I wasn't even mad about it.

I remember first laying my eyes on Final Fantasy vs XIII 10 years prior and absolutely falling in love with it. I adored the darker tone and Kingdom Hearts-esque music. The muted colours and commanding lead male. A story of politics, kingdoms and apparently a link to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. However a whole console generation and many changes in story, characters and even engines later, I'm finding it difficult to be upset for being made to wait a mere 2 months more than I had expected. Just wait more. That's reasonable right? I've waited this long...

I and many fans have been led pillar to post, left in the dark for a large part of it's development, clinging to any rumour we heard with little validation. Eventually we finally got to see the name change, new footage, updates after feedback of the Episode Duscae demo (which I thoroughly enjoyed). A whole massive online event with Tim Gettys and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny; just to announce the release date and details for the upcoming film, mobile phone game and anime series, complete with special (likely expensive) guests. Then a new demo to show off the engine (which was not quite what people expected, but fun all the same) and trailers galore.

Not to mention the confusing news of the King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV game that will be exclusive to preorders of the Deluxe Edition at Gamestop and GAME in the US and UK respectively (which would not be part of the Ultimate Collector's Edition I might add), along with the recent announcement of a Season Pass with very few details on what would be included. It's all gotten a bit much. And the long wait has come at a price. I'm sick of hearing about Final Fantasy XV. I'm not the only person.

And if you aren't mad, you must not care right? Not quite correct. I still care about this game, I care about Noctis and his kingdom. But I didn't want all this fluff to begin with. When it was all shown to us I was as elated as everyone else. I clamoured for preorders, but the fervour has dissipated now. If the resources for Justice Monsters Five, Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive AND Brotherhood had maybe been put directly into Final Fantasy XV instead, could it have been here already? I don't know, I'm no developer. I just want to walk around Eos, drive with the boys, flirt with Cindy and fight some truly incredible looking battles. But instead the hype has died.

With the over-saturation of the name, the branding before the core product, I have my worries and doubts. It's been a long time coming and ultimately it has a lot to live up to. Too much perhaps. So I can't be angry for the team trying to make it that absolute best it can be. It NEEDS to be the best. It needs to go off without a hitch. To be geared for quality over a quick buck and I believe in them, they've pulled off some crazy stuff before and they can do it again.

Besides, I've got World of Final Fantasy to look forward to as well. I can wait...


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