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If you're anything like me then you're probably stoked about Final Fantasy XV FINALLY coming out this year. I mean who wouldn't be, right? This was a game that was originally announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII over ten years ago, and now it's finally coming out and it looks amazing. And let's not forget about Kingdom Hearts III, I mean good God, we haven't seen a numbered Kingdom Hearts game since 2005 (2006 if you live in North America). The demand for that game was just insane wasn't it? After years of Prequels, mini-sequels, interquels that no one wanted; at last we're gonna get to the proper sequel to one of the best games of all time! And now that Disney owns the both Star Wars and Marvel Comics, oh lord the possibilities! And let's not forget that there's another Deus EX coming out. And last, but not least, after years and years of begging. Final Fantasy VII, the greatest game of all time (in my estimation), is getting the remake it so rightfully deserves.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's gonna be a great couple of years for fans of Square Enix games....then why does this SUCK? Oh wait, I remember now. Hey Square Enix, do you remember this?

Or this?

Or maybe this?

or perhaps this?

Or any of your other franchises that have the words Saga, Brave Fencer Musashi, Front Mission, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, or Valkyrie Profile in the title? No? because I sure freaking do! And so does the half of your fan base that you have continually given the middle finger over the years! It boggles my mind, Square Enix is sitting on the rights to some of the most beloved franchises of all time, and they do NOTHING with them. Even when the demand is stupidly high (I'm looking at you, Chrono Trigger)!

...any of your other franchises that have the words Saga, Brave Fencer Musashi, Front Mission, Parasite Eve or Valkyrie Profile in the title? No? because I sure freaking do! And so does the half of your fan base that you have continually given the middle finger over the years!

And yes, I know about the new Star Ocean, and Adventures of Mana on the Vita. And I also know that Dragon Quest/ Dragon Warrior still exists somehow. But here's the thing, both Star Ocean and Dragon Quest weren't originally Square properties. They only acquired them after merging with Enix in the early 2000's (hence the name, Square Enix). And Adventures of Mana ISN'T a new game, it's a remake of the original Mana game, Known in America as Final Fantasy Adventure. And that already had a remake before now. Now I suppose that's neither here nor there. But The point is that, when it comes to the majority of it non-Final Fantasy franchises and the fans thereof, Square dosen't seem to care. Or in the worst cases, it's gone out of its way to utterly destroy them. For example, consider the Front Mission franchise. This little RTS RPG series has been around since the Super Nintendo, but Americans didn't get their hands on it till Front Mission 3 on the original Sony Playstation. One of the things that American gamers picked on was its excellent story telling that I personally believe is on par with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Sadly, despite much critical acclaim and having a decently sized niche following, Front Mission never really caught on in America like it did in Japan. Heck, America didn't even get the fifth game in the series. So when it came time to make a Front Mission game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, executives at Square looked at it and said "Hm, how can we improve one of our biggest franchises? Nothing is wrong with it, except that it's not very popular overseas and we need to start making games that appeal to a wider audience? What can we do? Oh, I know! Shooter games are popular these days, so let's take almost everything that made the other Front Mission games amazing, take a s**it on it and then rebuild it as a third person shooter! We'll make gangbusters!!" And thus Front Mission Evolved was born....

Oh lookie here, a reboot no one wanted.
Oh lookie here, a reboot no one wanted.

Now, weather Front Mission Evolved was good or not is up to your own opinion. But the fact of the matter is that this game got so far away from what the fans of this franchise wanted that it might as well be on Pluto. It's more or less responsible for KILLING the whole damn Front Mission franchise for the foreseeable future. That and Square did almost NO promotion for this thing that I remember. I don't even recall seeing the trailer until I started researching this article. It's as if they knew they were spitting in the fans faces. Hum de la hum.

Where is Chrono Trigger 3?
Where is Chrono Trigger 3?

But by far the most egregious insult to their fans is how they handled the Chrono series. Holy sweet Jesus, does this one make my blood boil. Why? Well, for the sheer amount of utter contempt and disrespect that Square Enix has shown for this franchise's fan base. It goes without saying that the Chrono series is one of the most beloved and successful RPG franchises of all time, despite only having two official games to its name (Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross). Only Square Enix likes to pretend that this series dosen't exist, unless they want to make a quick buck. And if you don't believe that, then need I remind you how many times Chrono Trigger has been remastered for other platforms. It's been done at least three times. Once on the original PlayStation, once on the Nintendo DS and finally once on Mobile platforms(IOS and Android). To their credit, however, they did add things to each new version, most notably on the Nintendo DS. But is this what fans wanted? The same game, over and over and over again? No, Hell no it isn't!! What we've wanted is a third game since the release of Chrono Cross back in 2000. And Chrono Cross wasn't a flop when it came out, Square. Hell, by your own admission it shipped a combined total of 1,500,000 units (850,000 in Japan and 650,000 abroad) as of 2003. Now, I'm not a businessman, But even I can see that that's not a small number. And need I remind you of the countless petitions, fan sites and even fan works (most of which you shut down for no reason). All of which show that the demand for a third game is still strong even after all these years. So what do you do with this obvious potential gold mine you're sitting on? You give the fans the middle finger with insulting statements like this one from 2009:

"If people want a sequel, they should buy more!" ---Shinji Hashimoto; SE Senior Vice President.

And this quote was made public while the Nintendo DS version was still fresh in people's minds. So yeah, we'll buy the same game over and over and over again for the rest of eternity. Oh wait, no we won't. Because we don't need it!

Square Enix I'm glad that you're starting to turn yourself around since Bravely Default. But god damn it, if you keep flipping off your fan base like this you're going to lose any good will you've might have gained since then. I love your games, and I am excited for what you've got coming out, especially the Final Fantasy VII remake. But you still have a lonnnnng way to go to completely win back our trust. Don't forget that. Bringing back some of your older franchises in a respectable manner is probably a good way to do that. So Stop being ashamed of them and bring them back into the limelight.


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