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As we all know, Kratos has returned from what we thought was his last run with death after murdering all of the Greek gods (except Aphrodite for obvious reasons). Not only are we getting new gameplay mechanics, but we're getting a whole new journey. With the time of Greek Mythology supposedly long passed, there is a new age in the introduction of Norse Mythology based on the mentioning of Valhalla by an unfortunate troll, but what is the plot? What are the theories on what the plot could be? Here are some theories.

#1 Kratos creates the Norse Mythology

There has been rumor that the little boy that is supposedly his son is going to tag along with Kratos throughout the game, but there was something that made him an interesting individual. Based on a glimpse of an attack he does, he had a lightning based arrow attack. Could it be possible that the boy is Thor? What does that mean for Kratos when he talked about him being ready for a new beginning? It could be possible that Kratos killed the Greek Gods and now new gods are coming out. Maybe that means that Kratos is raising his son to become the God of Thunder, but doesn't that mean Kratos is taking on the role of being Odin? The Son of Zeus has risen to become the All Father of The Norse Gods? That sounds pretty interesting! It is possible that after the death of the Greek Gods and Kratos attempting to kill himself, he has lost his identity on purpose and has given himself a new name, it's possible that Kratos changed his name to Odin to hide away his past and start "A New Beginning."

#2 Training for war

Is it possible Kratos is training his son and preparing him for a great battle that will happen in the future? Perhaps Kratos has come across the apparition of Athena many many years after surrendering the power of Hope to humanity and it has created great conflict with Kratos as the focused target. With his son being of divine blood as is Kratos, he too will be marked for death and Kratos being the warrior and father he is, refuses to accept this fate and decided instead of awaiting death, he will prepare for war! Though his son is young, he has great potential and even greater hidden power, but it must be unlocked through the means of training and learning how to survive as a mortal before embracing his power of a god within him.

What do you think the plot could be for the new God of War game? Are you excited in discovering what will be unraveled in the future or are you just interested in punching, cutting, and slicing things to bits like me? Share your thoughts!


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