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There were only a lucky few (including me, thank god) who got to play the anticipated title No Man's Sky with absolutely no problems at all. The rest of the players who bought the game pretty much got the shaft and were plagued with crashes. There were an insane amount of refunds requested, which usually included angry messages directed at Hello Games regarding something like "WTF IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!"

Rest assured fellow PC players because the next patch is incoming, and it will make most of people's troubles get sucked into a black hole never to be found again.

Did you try some of Sean Murray's easy fixes?

First off, Sean Murray addressed a lot of people's issues with this workaround page, so if you haven't tried these then you know what the first step is. A lot of the problems could honestly be old drivers, driver support, a lack of VC++ Redist, not setting the FPS to 90, or many other things. If none of the workarounds help you at all, then don't worry! With the upcoming patch, you will most likely have everything rectified.

Without further ado let's get on with it

The biggest fixes in the patch have to be actually being able to alt-tab (Jesus that was annoying), added support for AMD Phenom CPUs, support for Radeon 6000-series GPUs, and the big ol' frame rate capping problem. Not only that, but people who are using CPU's with eight threads will have a crazy amount of performance improvements, and people with four or less will also have a nice change of pace away from playing "How To Break My Computer Simulator."

Want to help BETA test stability patches?

That may not sound like a whole lot of changes, but most of the problems people have are currently being fixed on the experimental branch, which you can play to test the current patch. To try out this patch and further updates coming out right-click on No Man's Sky from the library page and click on "Properties." You will see a tab labeled "BETA" which you can click on to type in the code "3xperimental."

No Man's Sky is worth the wait for those who are struggling

No Man's Sky is so expansive, mind-piquing, beautiful, and honestly meditative, and people who have given up need to give it a chance to redeem itself. It may have been quite the rocky start for us PC players, but there's not another space exploration game to even compare to this one.

Buck up and be prepared for the ride of your life boys n' girls because this game comes with a big bang!! Ciao!


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