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Sony is preparing for its PlayStation Meeting on September 7th where we anticipate the announcement of their PlayStation Neo (aka the PS 4.5) console. This new console will likely sport 4k resolution gaming, a more powerful GPU, and be VR-ready.

Ahead of this announcement, GameStop has suddenly dropped the trade-in price of the PlayStation 4. Until now, it would give customers $200 in cash or store credit for PS4s in good condition, but now it has dropped to $150 for the 500GB system.

This could be a good thing if you haven't purchased a PS4 yet as it could mean that new PS4s could see a price drop from $349 to $299. Though you may want to hold off until you hear about the price and release date of the Neo, both bits of info we expect to find out on Sept 7th.

You Can Get More Money For Your PS4 Almost Anywhere Besides GameStop

But if you are looking to unload your PS4, you do have options other than GameStop. Amazon will take your console in exchange for Amazon Gift Cards. Currently the trade-in rate for a PS4 in good condition with all the cables is $174.26.

Walmart is also happy to take your PS4 off your hands in exchange for Walmart Gift Cards. A PS4 in good condition will net you $178.88 with the retailer.

But before you make any rash decisions, remember that Xbox Scorpio is on the horizon as well. Microsoft's answer to the Neo, it's the stepping stone between the Xbox One and the Xbox Two. Peaking at 6 teraflops compared to Neo's 4.14, it's 4x faster than the Xbox One.

So right now it's best to hold one to what you've got until the new consoles roll out and then see what's the best deal for you.

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