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I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, now I love to write and talk about them!

Season One is over and I wanted to talk about Overwatch! Ok, I may not have actually played enough ranked matches to get a rank, but I've still clocked up over 70 hours of play time and I love it!

Before the game's release I was fairly interested in it, I thought it looked good fun and Blizzard have a good track record. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from it, mainly because I hadn't really researched much about it. I then played the open beta on Xbox One, for some reason I was less than enamored by it. I don't really know what it was, it just didn't seem to grab me - maybe I just didn't sink enough hours in to it...

Then when it released my entire PC group got it, so I took a punt on it. Since then I've never looked back, I've loved every minute of it and, as of now, it's my favourite game of the year.

When I first started playing I was initially drawn to Genji - he looked cool I guess, he's a cyber Ninja after all! Hanzo too - he also looked kind of cool... I also had an affinity with Mercy and Reinhardt. Plus I wanted to be able to play as a hero in each class.

Now that I've played a lot longer and have had ample time to try out all the characters properly I've moved on from Hanzo and to a point Mercy as well. With Hanzo I think I just didn't feel that effective with him. As for Mercy, well, she's been replaced by Lucio.

The Brazilian *Boop* Boss!

I want to talk about Lucio for a minute. I wasn't too keen on him to start, I don't know why though because now he's one of my favourite heroes. I feel like he's capable of so much more than support. Obviously he has his gun, whilst it doesn't do loads of damage, it can still take people out and provide you with a little bit of offensive support. His alternative fire though, is a blast to use, *booping* people off the edge of maps with Soundwave - an AOE blast that knocks enemies back, is probably one of the most satisfying things - especially if they're ult-ing. Not only that though, it's also good for breaking up crowds a little bit and giving you that extra second to either make an escape or cease an opportunity.

I also find that he's actually fairly good at harassing too - something normally left to the likes of Tracer or Genji. His quick movement and mobility (wall riding) allows him to get in the back lines sometimes and cause a bit of mayhem and switch the focus of the enemy team, couple that with his ability to heal himself he can actually hold his own fairly well in the right hands.

However, it's the use of his 'Amp it up' Speed boost, that grants a short but large increase to movement speed that really gives him an edge. He is a beast at moving the payload when you apply the speed boost. I've cruised through matches at an unbelievable rate due to this and I love it. I will now usually get the gold medal in matches when using Lucio for objective time simply because I stick near it and when I see an opportunity I will boost it along. I'm sure a lot of you will already do this or know about it, but if you don't, or just don’t really do it, seriously DO! It's great.

DPS Monster

Can I also just mention my new love for Zarya. When I first tried her out I didn't get it, I just didn't like the way she played. But, it's now clear that it was just because I wasn't used to her. Now she is my go to Tank! I love holding down choke points with her, watching her start to glow as the barriers you apply to yourself and others charge your weapon and you become an unstoppable humming beast that can dish out a enough DPS to hold off almost any advance!


What I love about Overwatch is that there really does seem to be something for every one. Maybe you're not the best at FPS games, or maybe you feel like a lot of players have a better reaction time. Well, some heroes don't need that. Take Symmetra for example, whilst classed as support, she most definitely is more defense and she can be hugely effective when used correctly.

Her primary weapon locks on to targets with a beam when you're close enough, and you can set up turret traps which provide your team with shields. She's great fun to play and can actually have a huge impact on the the team by racking up kills with both the turrets - which you can deploy 6 of – and your primary.

I really do think that you can find a class that fits your play style, it's just a case of trying them out and getting the most of out them.

The teamwork aspect of Overwatch is something that I both love and loath. I love it because if you have a team that wants to work together and communicates well you can steamroll the opposition. But some times you just have players who want to do their own thing.

Sometimes your team is crying out for a specific hero, but someone stubbornly sticks with what they have. It's at these times that I start to loath the game a little bit. Thankfully, in my experience this seems to be a minority thing and most players will try to work together to win.

Finally I'd just like to mention the detail that has gone in to the game, the heroes back stories and everything else. It's pretty amazing. I bet some of you didn't know that on the Numbani map, if you're attacking, you're actually escorting Doomfist's Glove to its exhibit in the Museum.

I bought Overwatch on a bit of a whim, but I'm so glad that I did because it's an excellent game that has such a high level of polish on it. It's also one of the smoothest game launches I've seen in years, I don't recall any server issues to date. I can only see Overwatch getting better from here on with the changes to ranked games in season 2 - starting 6th September. I'd seriously recommend you to give it a try if you haven't already. Plus who can argue with free content (maps and characters) being added to the game!

I genuinely think this could be my Game of The Year.

- Will


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