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Elite: Dangerous has been receiving some regular updates since its release, such as the Horizons DLC pack, which expanded the gameplay to allow players to land on planets and explore (among other things). Frontier Games is now planning to add at least one more thing to the game.

Image Credit: Elite: Dangerous Website
Image Credit: Elite: Dangerous Website

Frontier Games revealed on their Gamescom livestream that they will be adding a new type of space station for players to visit in Elite: Dangerous. This will be a marked improvement considering that up until this point, almost all space station environments have had a decidedly industrial look to them (seen above).

Among the other changes that have been announced are the additions of a new type of ship, a passenger vessel called The Beluga, and a much more in-depth way to plan routes to other star systems. Currently, Frontier Games is plotting an October release for this update.

Watch the video below to get a virtual tour of the new station design.

Elite: Dangerous and its DLC expansion, Horizons, are available now on PC and Xbox One.

Source: Elite: Dangerous Twitter Page


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