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Now that Overwatch's "The Last Bastion" animated short has finally dropped, we've got a lot of questions and a lot of feels. The short feels like the sort of thing we'd expect out of Disney or Pixar: beautiful, impeccably animated, and surprisingly cute. The short film is a sort of tribute to Wall-E and The Iron Giant, featuring Bastion as an adorably inquisitive gentle giant that just happens to have massive guns attached.

The short was released this week at Gamescom and can be seen in full below:

After watching this emotional rollercoaster, naturally, we put our thinking caps and wildly speculate about Overwatch lore. While there isn't a word spoken, a lot happens in this short, so let's dive into a breakdown and see what Bastion's origin story has in store for us.

1. Ganymede Awakened Bastion

We've seen this adorable little bird throughout Overwatch's lore as Bastion's companion, and we finally get to know why it's around. Ganymede not only initially reactivates Bastion, is an affectionate companion. If it hadn't been for Ganymede building a next on Bastion's shoulder, he likely would have still been stuck in that forest.

2. Omnics Have Orders From Someone

We assume that Bastion operates the same as all other Bastion Omnic units, and what's neat is that we know that orders are programmed into their HUDs. On the surface, this doesn't seem all too shocking, right? But this alludes to the fact that someone, some Omnic with a higher authority, actually gave the attack order and direction to the Bastion units. This raises one central question:

Who is programming these orders?

I'm sure this will be revealed at a later date, but someone is definitely pulling the strings in the Omnic army.

3. But Omnics Don't Seem 100% Bound By These Orders

It's a subtle point, but Bastion seems to be able to freely take his time, even ignore his given objective. Now, we don't know for sure if this is because of Bastion's overgrown state or his awakening, so maybe this isn't a huge revelation - but worth noting.

Perhaps Omnics have a form of freewill before being awakened?

4. Bastion is a Jerk to Woodpeckers

That poor, poor woodpecker. That bird is hella dead.

All it wanted was some delicious insects... Or to attract a mate. I had no idea until this article, but apparently sometimes woodpeckers drum on trees to attract mates. The more you know!

When the woodpecker drums a tree, the gunfire-like sound triggers Bastion to fire wildly into the trees.

5. Bastion Has Feelings and Appears to Demonstrate Shock, Sadness, and Regret

At several points during the short, we see Bastion appearing to show emotion. He's shocked by Ganymede savaging a caterpillar, sad about the prospect of losing a friend after the woodpecker incident, and angered by the revelation of his fellow Omnics being slaughtered.

Again, we're not 100% this was the case pre-awakening, but we now know at least the capacity for these emotions was always there for Omnics.

6. Omnics are Able to Transfer Memories

We also now know that Omnics have the ability to distinctly record and carry memories. When Bastion finds the battlefield and scans another destroyed Bastion unit, he appears to have a form of Omnic PTSD as flashbacks of the battle flood into his mind.

Now that this memory-transfer ability is established, this opens up the possibility that we might see and find other Omnic memories in the future.

7. Omnics are Individuals, Even the Mass Produced Ones

Several of these factors add up to this discovery: Omnics are individuals. Previously, we've only seen a few Omnic figures acting on their own, human-like. Now, however, we've seen a massive army of Omnics, all with the same ability to become awakened.

Where the other awakened Omnics, like Zenyatta, are already quite human, it's a freshly sobering thought to know that even the Bastion units all had the capacity for real emotion, for curiosity, and individuality.

These are the seven things I took away from the Bastion short, but I also have even more questions now.

  • Who's pulling the strings?
  • Who is in charge of the Omnic army?
  • Do the Titans (the giant mechs) also have the capacity for such enlightenment?
  • How did Bastion get from that forest all the way to Overwatch?
  • Is Bastion Canadian, like Lucio is?

Do you have any other burning questions after learning more about Bastion? Pick up on any other Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!


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