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I'm a big fan of No Man's Sky. I love the exploration and discovery aspects of the game. The serenity of space travel and the beauty of new found planets. Stepping out of your ship for the first time onto pristine alien landscap--


What the hell? It's at 75%


That's not really low. It's low-er. But nothing to be alarmed abou--


Ok, I've about enough of the A.I. voice. Fortunately, there's something I can do about it now, and so can you. The modding community has been hard at work with a number of hacks to improve the quality of life for intrepid spacefarers in No Man's Sky. And I'm sharing them with you.

Here are my favorite mods.

1. Silence is Golden With 'Shut Up'

The Shut Up mod will allow you to toggle any of the A.I. voice triggered lines associated with your ExoSuit. This includes shielding, life protection, and inventory, but does not, unfortunately include trade so you still will be informed of "Eunuchs received!" with every transaction.

2. InstantClick With 'Fast Actions'

Why clicking on anything in your inventory, option menus, trade menus or anything else takes a second or more to complete was considered a good design idea I'll never know. But now you no longer have to put up with it.

Fast Actions makes all your clicks instant instead of you having to wait for the circle to complete as confirmation. Check out the video for not only a demo for this mod in action, but for directions on how to install it.

While we're at it, also check out the Fast Dialogue mod which makes all dialogue interaction with aliens and monoliths appear instantly instead of the long scroll on the screen.

3. Remove the UI With 'NoHUD'

For a game all about immersion you'd think there would be an option to remove the UI from your screen. But there's not. Until now.

The NoHUD mod will map your F5 key to toggle your UI on and off so you can enjoy the quiet night sky by a lake with flying wildebeasts on the horizon or to take a clean screenshot of that, ahem, sculpture you just carved into the Heridium block.

4. Remove the Helmet Haze With 'Instagram Filter Remover'

While running about a planet you've probably noticed that the edges of your vision is blurred, distorted, and darkened. Scan lines scroll by and everything has an overblown quality to it. And you'd be right, because you're looking out of your helmet.

The Instagram Filter Remover mod removes all of that and gives you a clean view of what you what's in front of you. Arguably you're removing some of the visual coolness from the game, but you may want to see if this improves your gameplay or not.

5. Autorun to Your Hearts Content With the 'Infinite Walk' Mod

Another simple script for something that should have been in the game. There is no key for autorun. You have to constantly be pushing the W key to run forward which inhibits exploration after awhile.

The Infinite Walk script makes Alt+E and autorun key allowing you to cover ground easier so you can pay attention to what's around you. Like the creepy owlbear thing that might eat your face.

There's plenty of more mods to dive into if you're interested. Check out the sites No Man's Sky Mods and Nexus Mods for additional player-made hacks.

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