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Devil May Cry was released 15 years ago today on the Playstation 2. The game has a somewhat notorious history as it first began as Resident Evil 4 before morphing into its own game. So instead of a game about Resident Evil stalwart Leon Kennedy investigating ghosts and goblins in a castle, it became a stylish hack and slash game featuring Dante.


Dante is a cocky motormouth who can back up all the trash talk that he constantly spits out. The first game was an instant classic when it was released, and Dante quickly became a video game icon. So in honor of the 15th anniversary, here are the top five moments from the first game.

Dante Meets Trish

The opening of the game establishes Dante and Trish, the main two characters. Immediately the two get into a skirmish where Dante impresses Trish with his skills. We learn that Dante is a demon hunter and is out for vengeance for the deaths of his mother and brother, Vergil. Trish sets up the main plot of the game. Mundus, the demon that Dante holds responsible for the ruin of his family, has returned.

Dante Acquires Alastor (and the Devil Trigger)

There were constant hints that Dante was not exactly normal. From the get-go, we knew that he was half-demon, but when he acquires the Alastor sword, we see just how tough he actually is. Nothing like being speared through the chest and pinned to the ground and rising up as if nothing happened to get the point across that Dante is one tough SOB.

This also enables the Devil Trigger, the power up ability which Dante taps into his demon heritage.

Learning the True Identity of Nelo Angelo

Nelo Angelo was a constant thorn in the side of Dante throughout the game. He was a recurring boss character and he seemed to be a match for Dante. He would retreat from the fight whenever he would see a necklace that Dante's mother had given to Dante.

Why would he do that? Turns out that he was the twin brother of Dante, Vergil, who happened to have the other half of the necklace. The necklace being a reminder of his former identity.

The Truth About Trish

Trish appears sporadically throughout the game and is the classic femme fatale. Eventually she betrays Dante in hopes of freeing her creator, Mundus. But after Trish served her purpose and is about to be killed, Dante saves her life despite the betrayal.

We learn that Trish was created as a spitting image of Dante's mother in the (successful) hope that she would manipulate him. Turns out the plan worked out too well and the act of kindness brought out the best in Dante and Trish.

Dante Defeats Mundus

The first and final confrontation between Dante and Mundus is an epic one. Mundus's true form is something that can only be witnessed on another plane of existence. The only way for Dante to match power with him is to embrace his demon side, Sparda.

The battle has multiple stages, and each version increasingly becomes more desperate. Eventually Trish lends Dante her power and he finishes the demon off, but not before the ominous message that Mundus will return.

What are your favorite moments from Devil May Cry and its sequels? Tell us in the comments below!


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