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As the holiday season approaches, developers are putting the final touches on many of 2016's most anticipated games after years of development - one of these being Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2. An "Open Multiplayer Tech Test" is currently giving console players the chance to get a taste of the upcoming first-person shooter, however one fact is clear: critical success of Titanfall 2 depends on the game's single-player campaign.

Promotional content for Titanfall 2.
Promotional content for Titanfall 2.

The Best Parts of Titanfall 2's Tech Test

After downloading the "Tech Test" and loading into my first match of Amped Hardline (a new King of the Hill-style mode), it became clear that the fundamental elements that fans loved in the original Titanfall were the foundation for its sequel. Running along walls, jumping from roof to roof, and sliding out of danger in Titanfall 2 brought me right back into the rhythm of its predecessor. Several mechanics, such as a new method for attacking a titan while playing as a pilot or maneuvering around the map with a grappling hook, successfully set Titanfall 2 apart from the original. However, with the exception of a few new weapons and abilities, Titanfall 2 is ultimately more of what players loved in the original game in 2013.

Titanfall 2's new Grappling Hook ability at work.
Titanfall 2's new Grappling Hook ability at work.

The Mistakes of the Original Titanfall

However, when Titanfall launched in March of 2014, the absence of a true single-player campaign along with Xbox console exclusivity outraged players and ended up shortening the game's lifespan drastically. Even with the inclusion of a "campaign" mode that showed brief cut scenes between multiplayer matches, the lore of the world was overlooked by the vast majority of players who instead chose to focus on the short-term reward of gunning down enemy pilots and rodeoing enormous mechs. These factors doomed Titanfall to be an engaging experience with innovative gameplay trapped in a world and setting that ultimately felt hollow and never truly allowed the concept behind Titanfall to reach its full potential.

Titanfall 2 Has the Potential to Be Great

Respawn is now attempting to create that living world that fans cried out for in 2013 with the new single-player campaign of Titanfall 2 by putting players in the shoes of Jack Cooper, a member of the Frontier Militia. Following an emotional story between this new pilot and his titan, players will fight through semi-open ended levels that allow exploration and the freedom to choose their paths as they make their way through the campaign. If the team at Respawn can successfully marry these features together and create a world that truly feels alive while tugging at the heartstrings of players across both major consoles, then Titanfall could become the third standout franchise in the shooter genre alongside Battlefield and Call of Duty.

For those who haven't had the chance to check it out, the Titanfall 2 "Open Multiplayer Tech Test" is live on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 August 19-21 and then again August 26-28. I encourage you all to jump on, get a feel for the game, and come to your own conclusions on how it's shaping up.

If you have already called a few titans and ran along a wall or two, what do you think so far?


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