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If you’re a fan of Call of Duty Zombies, then you’ve probably experienced that moment when the only thing you can do is hold your head in your hands in despair. Those moments of complete and utter fail.

Whether you’re going for high rounds or a map’s Easter Egg, playing by yourself or a group of friends, Zombies can be absolutely brutal. Everything could be going your way in a match, only for one stupid action or decision to ruin all of your progress.

Sometimes you get lucky and you’re able to rebound from the mess you’ve made, but most of the time a mistake generally means the end of the match and starting from the beginning all over again.

After recently experiencing a particularly depressing fail, I decided to list the top five worst/annoying fails that I feel a player could possibly experience in a Zombies match. Some of these fails are a result of player stupidity, whereas others unfortunately come at the aid of game glitches. Each of them has one thing in common though; they make us want to stop playing the game forever.

Accidentally trading in your good weapon for a bad one

The Box: Everyone's favourite frenemy.
The Box: Everyone's favourite frenemy.

You’re at the beginning of a high round and low on ammo, but it doesn’t matter because you’ve got a Secret Shopper gobblegum, which will allow you to buy ammo anywhere. So you run up to that RK5 at spawn to refill your Dire Wolf and walk away with…an RK5?

Zombies is a game mode that forces you to think and act quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes quick action leads to error.

I’ve been in so many matches in which one of the players traded in a good weapon for a Sheiva accidentally, because they were trying to get Cymbal Monkeys, etc. There is a lapse in concentration and then you do something stupid; it happens, unfortunately. It just really hurts when it does.

Explosive damage death

Ray Gun death.
Ray Gun death.

So you got the Ray Gun out of the box? Sure it isn’t seen as big a deal as it was in the previous Black Ops games, however, there is no denying that it is still a pretty decent weapon to have, especially if your own stupidity has somehow led you to become trapped in the first ten rounds. The Ray Gun’s one-shot kill ability should help beat the hordes back, but remember not to let them get too close or you may accidentally kill yourself too!

An explosive damage death is one of the most annoying fails in Zombies as they often come as a result of player stupidity. Either you got surrounded and you no choice but to unload your Ray Gun’s mag in the zombies rushing towards you, inadvertently killing yourself, or you for some reason decided to pack your MR6 and did not really understand that Death and Taxes is a weapon given to you to clear zombies when you’re already down for a reason.

However, sometimes you forget these things and nobody really wants admit it was their own fault that they went down, making this both an in-game fail and an ego fail.

Shadows of Evil – Wall-run death

Wall of death.
Wall of death.

So it’s the second round and you’ve just spent a good 10 to 15 minutes making sure that you are able to start the ritual to unlock Pack-a-Punch as early as possible as you’re going for the Easter Egg. You start the ritual and in an attempt to avoid getting surrounded by Apothicon Servants, you decide to wall-run across the small area you’re limited to during the process. Hang on a minute, your teammate has decided to do the same…

Whether you’re on Round 2 or Round 20, wall-run deaths are annoying. If you’re not blatantly telling your teammates, “I’m running on the wall. Don’t anybody run into me”, there is actually a chance that you may accidentally kill yourself and a teammate for doing something as simple as moving to the other side of the map. Damn you Shadows of Evil and your stupid fails.

Der Eisendrache – Pack-a-Punch steals your weapon

So even the Pack-a-Punch machine is against you...
So even the Pack-a-Punch machine is against you...

In Der Eisendrache, there are three possible locations that the Pack-a-Punch machine teleports to at the end of each round after you have assembled it. It is easy to forget that this machine does actually teleport at the end of each round as when you have an upgradable bow, a gun becomes an afterthought.

Common sense dictates that you leave all your errands (buying guns, perks, etc.) to near the end of the round so that it will be easier to do with fewer zombies left. The problem comes in when you or one of your teammate decides to kill the last zombie while packing a weapon.

While Pack-a-Punch doesn’t instantly teleport away, if you aren’t quick enough there is a chance that it may teleport to its next location, taking your gun and points with it. Oh, how great you feel when you’re left standing there, looking at an empty Pack-a-Punch spawn spot.

Black Ops III Zombies Anti-cheating system activation

Worst wonder weapon ever.
Worst wonder weapon ever.

I like helping my friends finish a map’s Easter Egg. I always feel so accomplished when I finish an Easter Egg, so I always want to help others get that feeling too. This is literally the only way somebody can get me to play Zetsubou No Shima.

In one particular match, right before going to down to the boss battle (to fight Tree-Takeo), one of my teammates went to upgrade the KT-4 to the Masamune as his Mule Kick weapon and all of a sudden he heard Samantha laughing, and lost all of his perks, points and weapons.

To this day, we don’t even know how that fail happened. The closest explanation for it, that I was able to find online, is that somehow the game’s anti-cheating mechanism had been activated which resets a player’s status to that of a starting pistol and 50 points.

Because you know, sometimes you’re just playing too well and the game has to kick in your teeth somehow.

Well these are the fails that I find most annoying in Black Ops III Zombies. Which are some of the fails that you find most annoying?


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