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If you have not played Destiny before, there are a treasure trove of dancing emotes available- all obtainable by micro-transactions (I hate micro-transactions!). who have persisted with Destiny, and developers , have managed to fill their time by coordinating themselves into a series of choreographed dance routines that are surprisingly fun to watch.

I have trolled the internet for the best of these, and compiled for you my favorite Destiny: "I am bored, we should start a boy band" moments. I have not sequenced these in order of preference because I trust in your ability to make your own judgement (the empowerment!). The below Destiny emote dance routines are an entertaining combination of gamer meets boy band - let's begin, 5,6,7,8.......

1) Destiny: Something Weird At Venus Gate Lord

You can't get more street than the . This clip brings one of their most loved gangster tracks back into the fray. Once again, the Back Street Boys portrayal of hardship and adversity is reborn in this brilliant montage. and his boys, have seriously raised the bar with this one.

2) Can't Stop The Feeling- Destiny Dance Remix

I really liked this post, it's really well edited, and the choice of song by has you dancing along to the music clip.

I got that sunshine in my pocket

Got that good soul in my feet

I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops, ooh

I can't take my eyes up off it, moving so phenomenally

Room on lock the way we rock it, so don't stop

3) Destiny Epic Music Video 4 (Dancing)

I am fairly confident everyone has locked and popped their way around a dance floor to the song Around The World by Daft Punk. , has cleverly edited the music clip into this Destiny montage to bring us an experience that is somewhat unique. Overall, this music video further reinforces my love of Daft Punk, and that is definitely a good thing.

4) Hammer Time in Destiny - Can't Touch This Music Video!

I imagine MC Hammer sitting at a bar on any given weeknight, looking anxiously across the establishment for any recognition from another patron. If he could just make eye contact, then maybe he could start a conversation, and then maybe, just maybe - he could sell some Hammer pants. Poor Hammer, ha ha!

How times have changed for , pants and Destiny, with this compilation by . I especially like the attention to detail with the hammer being thrown just at the right moment. FYI, I did unfortunately own several pairs of Hammer pants back in the '90s...

5) Butter Lambs: Destiny Safety Dance

I am not sure how, but for some reason I used to think the words in the chorus to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, had this line in the song:

We can dance, we can dance

Everybody put on your pants.

I would sing that same section over and over again in my head for days. Occasionally the song will still pop back into my head while standing at the photocopier at work. The song goes round and round, in a rhythmic loop of misheard nostalgia.

I say, we can dance if we want to

And if they don't dance

Well they're no friends of mine,

we can dance, we can dance

Everybody put on your pants,

we can dance, we can dance

Everybody put on your pants.

On the whole, I do have to admit that because of the song choice, this one is my favorite Destiny music montage -nice one !

The Challenge

Destiny fans are patiently becoming creative in their love of this game. Now more than ever, the ingenuity of gamers has seen the creation of dance montages fill the monotonous void, as they wait for new Destiny game content to be released.

What songs do you want to see produced into a memorable Destiny dance routine of awesomeness?

I am thinking a Soul Train dance tribute...


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