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Well, you know what they say: finish with a bang!

At the closing ceremony of every Olympics, the hosts turn things over to the country that'll be carrying the torch four years from then. At the Rio Olympics, that country was Japan. And, as you'd expect from the crazy nation that is the big J, they brought things to a close in style.

Japan showcased a trailer that highlighted the country at its electric best with a few cameos to boot, such as Pac-Man, their crazy fast bullet trains and Doraemon. But the highlight of this bombastic tease for what we can expect in 2020 came with the country's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and a little plumber we know so well. Anyone else getting a calssic Batman series vibe from that jazzy music?

Olympics + Shinzo Abe x Mario = Giant Pipe of Wonderment

So much yes, Japan! ALL THE YES! They literally had their country's Prime Minister teleport across the world via a pipe, transform from a CGI Mario to a more fleshy form, and then discard the overalls in an effort to appear more dignified. After all, Shinzo Abe is a man who never turns down an opportunity to show off his dashing suits!

Respectful Abe.

Playful Abe.

Filmstar Abe.

The Rio Olympics has been one to remember, and these closing moments have put a beautiful stamp on a great, if not a bit controversial, series of events. Now, as Eurogamer were kind enough to demonstrate, here's another great moment when video games and the Olympics clashed in 2016: The case of Shadow Sonic shouting c*** because he's terrible at football.

How great does Abe look in those suits, huh?

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