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With Pokemon Sun & Moon coming out, everyone's getting excited about the Alola region and everything it has to offer. It seems everyone has their eyes set on the new setting. However, Sneaky Zebra has other things in mind. They've set their eyes back to where everything started, the Kanto region. And, according to them, Kanto is in trouble and is in dire need of strong direction and leadership.

Luckily, the boys at Sneaky Zebra knew just who to call to get Kanto back on the map: a Professor Oak parody of Donald Trump.

Starring Brock Baker as the titular Professor Oak, this video is a dash Pokemon and a dash of politics. The two seemingly incompatible elements combine to make this hilarious new video featuring Palet Town's favorite professor running for President of the Kanto region.

His political platform? Mostly anti-Johto rhetoric along with fear mongering to help unite Kanto under a banner of unified hate and misinformation.

At least, that's what I heard. Of course, don't take my word for it, check out the video above.

Making A (Pocket) Monster

We had a chance to speak to Nick Acott of Sneaky Zebra about the parody video and how something so mad came together.

"The idea came about when we where out on a Pokemon Go walk in Downtown LA when someone did a Trump impression and it kinda just went from there. We mixed Pokemon with Politics - Poketics."

The entire thing was filmed at YouTube Space LA which really helped Sneaky Zebra up their game. For the UK based duo, this was the first time they got to use the YouTube Space in LA and it was an absolutely fantastic experience.

Via: YouTube Space LA
Via: YouTube Space LA

"The YouTube Space in LA is amazing - huge support to help content creators make better and bigger videos - we got to shoot on Canon 300's, on a fully lit set with thousands of dollars of lighting - something we could never do on our own."

So what was the end result of being able to use a sound stage and fancy cameras? A hilarious take on a ridiculous topic. Overall, they were pretty happy with what they were able to churn out.

"We're pretty pleased with it," said Nick, "Trump's just ridiculous at the best of times so we took it one step further." With such an infamous subject, it's almost as if half the work was done for them.

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