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Say hello to Sony's little friend. Following the recent spate of leaks regarding new hardware coming out of Sony PlayStation – we can now confirm that there will, indeed, be a PlayStation 4 Slim hitting the shelves very soon. Well, we are 99.9 percent sure.

Recent reports have been circulating online that pertain to the existence of a brand new PS4 console. The rumors that have emerged originally stated that the illegal purchase of a PlayStation 4 Slim had taken place on the online sales site Gumtree.

Looks Like The PS4 Slim Is Real, After All

Investigations into the legitimacy of the claims were taken up by Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter, who has, today, confirmed that all the details leaked online, so far, are true and that the PS4 Slim does indeed exist. Digital Foundry have apparently confirmed the legitimacy of the unit by visiting the address of the buyer and verifying its existence in person.

Sony are set to hold a conference on September 7 in New York where they are rumored (expected) to reveal the highly anticipated PS4 Neo. It is now also expected that the new PS4 Slim will also make its 'official' reveal.

The dates of official release are also expected to be announced at the conference, with the Neo and Slim likely making their sales debut towards the end of September.

This latest addition to Sony PlayStation’s hardware repertoire comes just a few months after Microsoft revealed their own slimline version of the popular gaming console, the Xbox One S.

But this certainly does not mean that Sony will retain dominance of the console gaming sector. The hardware race is well and truly on. Microsoft still have the fabled, Xbox Scorpio in the bag and with Nintendo still casting an ominous shadow over the two industry giants with it's very own NX reveal still to come - the field at this point is wide open.

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