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For the people that don't remember, Destiny was a game that came out two years ago that is basically a mix of No Man's Sky and World Of Warcraft. I was one of the many avid players of the game when it was first released, but since then I, along with many other players, have lost some interest.

With countless DLCs for the game, I often find myself not willing to pay for those expansions, whether for financial, or other reasons.

Would F2P Help A Declining Player-Base?

Much like other popular video games with tons of hype, the Destiny hype eventually died down. And, while there are still a great number of people playing Destiny, many others, like myself, have basically stopped. The inability to keep up with DLCs and other players in the game pretty much drove me away. However, even with all that I still enjoyed the game, but without the ability to purchase every single DLC, I missed out on a lot of content. By making that bonus content "free to play," many players that left because of the multitude of DLCs - and purchases that come with those DLCs - could come back and fully experience Destiny.

Can It Be The Next World Of Warcraft?

Destiny, as a whole, is very similar to WoW. Even though the game plays very differently, at its core the two games are more similar than a lot of people realize. You play as an almost fully customizable character, which you can choose from a multitude of different species, different classes, and an expansive world that only keeps growing.

Of course, nothing can possibly reach the same level of popularity as World of Warcraft, but Destiny has the potential to certainly grow its fanbase and create a truly massive online community.

Is It Too Expensive?

For me, yes. The DLCs all together cost $80, plus another $30 for the Rise of Iron expansion, that brings the total price to $110, and when the game itself costs $60, we're looking at almost $200 worth of game content. Most people, such as myself, simply don't have the money to spend that much on a game, no matter how good it is.

If the game were to become wholly free to play, I'd gladly come back and enjoy all of the other adventures I missed out on, but as long as people keep buying the expansion content, and there's a strong enough player-base (which there is), Destiny will likely never become fully F2P.


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