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Although the new Pokémon GO update - Pokémon appraisal - is a step forward for the augmented reality app there are still many features that need some work especially the user interface (UI). While many Pokémon fans are happy to capture Pokémon in real-life, there are some that are quickly losing interest in the game. A way for Niantic Labs to keep gamers happy and their stockholders is to give Pokémon GO a new facelift.

Redesign The Experience

Taking up the challenge to make Pokémon GO better and give it a much-needed sense of style is interaction designer Wendy Borg. Wendy took it upon herself to redesign almost the entire game, keeping key features in mind. One of her motives for taking such a daunting task was her dissatisfaction with the app which left out many essential features of the franchise. In her redesign, she focuses on "recapturing the Pokémon experience of exploring, collecting and competing."

Accessing Your Pokédex

Instead of scrolling down to view a Pokémon, the new design would include a search bar making it easier to find little creatures. On top of creating a search bar she also added functionality that many players have been longing for transferring and evolving entire groups of Pokémon.

Pokéstops And Pokéshop

A possible solution to the third-party Pokémon tracking is for Pokéstops to offer directions for rare Pokémon sightings. On top of giving gamers tips - like they do in the anime and the game - make it possible to buy the amount you want at a Pokéshop. Not only that but also make it possible to purchase items for your avatar, such as clothes and accessories.

Player Profile

It's pretty self-explanatory. The profile will show other trainers that you're more than just a tough cookie.

Battle Anyone, Anywhere

Instead of going to a Pokégym to battle team Mystic or Valor, you can just look them in the eye and battle, just like in the show.

Make New Friends

Something that has contributed to the success of many video games is multiplayer interaction. With the new redesign, it will be possible to talk to people nearby and have team battle.


Like in the good old days of Game Boy Advance trading will be available, consequently making it possible to collect region blocked Pokémon.


While many of us are tired of some notifications, getting a "Charizard nearby" will sure make us more than happy. For those who are away from their smartphone, they could still stay notified with the smartwatch companion app.

Despite the fact that all of these changes may make Pokémon GO a lot more enjoyable, there are some limitations. In real-life developers and designers have to take into account many factors, from privacy issues to rollout costs. Consequently, making such improvements will make it impossible for Niantic to give the app for free. However, Borg's work is a great start to making the interaction between trainers and Pokémon GO a lot more enjoyable.


What Do You Think Of The Fan Made Redesign?

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