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With all that's happened this year, both inside and out of the games industry, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd managed to forget about FromSoftware's Dark Souls 3. However, I'm gonna need your attention focused on this Japanese marvel right now, because some deets regarding its first expansion have just leaked and any fan of this series needs to hear what's potentially in store!

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DLC Heaven: Dark Souls 3 Is Getting Its First Expansion

Set to launch on October 25, "Ashes of Ariandel" will be the first of two expansion packs for the celebrated close to the franchise. As already outlined prior to the game's release, Ariandel will include new weapons, spells and additional content. However, Hachima, a Japanese game blog, which was able to get its hands on an early copy of Famitsu's physical magazine due to arrive on stands later this week, described what the latest issue revealed about the expansion.

Famitsu will feature pictures of some of the new elemental powers in Dark Souls 3, including a fiery sword, ice powers and a light-filled boomerang. But aside from this fairly standard weapon related content, we caught a little glimpse of something far more interesting.

PvP Delights

Famitsu showed off an exclusive PvP map called "Immortal Competition." Now, details on this particular aspect of Ariandel are skint, but we've never seen anything like this in the Souls series, or Bloodborne. An entirely PvP-focused area could potentially see players going one-on-one in gladiator bouts or being thrust into a new form of hell where only online players can roam.

The multiplayer aspect of the Souls series has been one of its defining attributes, with countless new games creating a similar form of player interaction. So the idea that they'd promote these features in a PvP exclusive arena sounds insanely satisfying! But what kind of multiplayer-only mode would you like to see?

Plus, to compliment all of these leaked niceties, FromSoftware actually released a new trailer for the expansion. Yes, it's beautiful.

Shall we freak out over the best moments? Let's.

"Unkindled one, if you are like us, another unkindled soul, with no place to call your own, then show my lady flame.

The trailer starts off with some heavy religious overtones, showcasing some of the characters we're already familiar with. But did you happen to catch a glimpse of that dude whipping himself? Chill out, man.

You've got to whip it, whip it good.
You've got to whip it, whip it good.

But once that Dark Souls logo comes up, shit goes down.

Thank God there's snow. The snowcapped areas of Dark Souls 2's expansions were stunning.

Wonder how many times I'll die in that castle... or even on the bridge leading up to it...

Now that's how you introduce a new enemy, FromSoftware!

Kind of reminds me of the space that you fight the giant spider in, in Bloodborne! By far one of the most memorable and difficult battles of that masterpiece. Agreed?

Aaaaaand that's terrifying.

While the two DLC expansions for Dark Souls 3 can be bought separately, the season pass is the only way you can secure access to all of the game's upcoming content. This includes the special, snow-covered PlayStation 4 theme, according to Famitsu. The season pass is currently up for pre-order for $24.99. Not too shabby.

So, were you a fan of Dark Souls 3 and are you excited for its expansions? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: [Polygon]


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