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Because Pokémon GO just isn’t quite real enough, right? This actually could be the only thing missing from allowing us to become full blown trainers.

We have never been closer to the Pokémon we are hunting; Pokémon GO feeds the Pokémon directly into our living, breathing world. We run, skip and jump our way across the land in an attempt to catch ‘em all on our mobile devices.

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With just a swipe of the finger we are able to collate and collect all our favorite Pokémon. But according to, Gamer Reality LLC this isn’t as close as we could be.

Gamer Reality LLC has pioneered a game changing, revolutionary new accessory for Pokémon GO that could change the way we all play the game. Instead of using the ‘swipe’ method of throwing your Pokéball at the faces of innocent Pokémon, Gamer Reality LLC has engineered a fantastically clever device you can use instead. Enter, stage right, the real life Pokémon GO Pokéball.

The fans sure seem keen, this exciting new product nailed its $25,000 goal on Kickstarter almost instantly and has since raised a further $7000 – note that, there are still a whopping 36 days to go.

How does this real Pokéball work in Pokémon GO?

The device is advertised as ‘the trainer ball’, it has three primary functions. Its primary function is, of course, to catch Pokémon.

Using the same face detection technology as SnapChat, the device is able to track its location via your phone – throw the ball at a Pokémon you have locked in on your phone and if you are accurate enough with your throw, you will register a hit.

If you don’t want to keep picking up your Pokéball after each throw then it also has a built in accelerometer that allows the user to simply simulate a throw. Go through the above motions without letting go of the ball and you can still catch the Pokémon. This will probably be the favored mode, once the novelty has worn off.

Lastly, the device will double up as a mobile phone charger meaning that player will be able to game for longer.

This is a major selling point for me; just don’t forget to unplug it before you throw it at a Pokémon!

Will it work with Pokémon GO straight away?

If all licensing is sorted prior to release then, yes. However, it is worth noting at this point that Niantic have not yet endorsed this product.

Written into the Kickstarter project is the declaration of impending or applied license. This basically means that Niantic have not yet approved or authorized the trainer ball to be used with Pokémon GO.

Is it likely to be approved? Niantic have proven to be a tricky company to predict; whether or not they will or will not allow players to integrate this cool new feature is impossible to call. I certainly hope that they do, this definitely adds another level of immersion to a game that has seen a drop in player interaction. I would use this as another, free, way to reinvent the game – but that’s just me.

Pokémon GO has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry so immensely, with augmented reality hotter than papa bear's porridge right now, the introduction of a real life Pokéball was the next logical step. Aside from a Jurassic Park type situation where real life Pokémon are engineered in a lab and end up taking over Isla Nublar.

If you are a big Pokemon GO player this is definitely worth following. The trainer balls are currently listed on Kickstarter starting at $45 to $55 each. The distribution date is currently set at November 30, 2016.

Thoughts - Is this a great idea or not? Would you buy one?

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