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GoldenEye 007 is kind of where it all began for me. Aside from Unreal Tournament, the big G was the shooter of my childhood. My pals and I would fritter away hour after hour, day after day playing this absolute classic. But of course, we weren't alone; gamers from across the globe have all agreed that GoldenEye 007 was, and still is, a definitive FPS.

The game was larger than life; never before had we experienced such a multifaceted shooter on a console. And how bout those cheats? And DK mode, Paintball mode and all the other well thought out extras that added longevity to an already massively re-playable game.

So why no remake?

Blame Nintendo. Back in 2008 an HD remake or re-release was supposedly undertaken by Rare, but unfortunately Nintendo never agreed on the terms of the license and the game was pulled. A terrible shame considering the cult following GoldenEye 007 enjoys.

Before the game was cancelled however, Rare had already ploughed in a fair amount of hours polishing and remastering the old game. Until today, that new and improved gameplay had never been seen.

YouTube channel, Rare Thief is renowned for sourcing and airing previously unseen video game footage. Fortunately for us, this week’s offering is a 30 minute run-through of GoldenEye 007 HD Remastered. A genuine treat, I am sure you will agree, for all those who loved the original.

The footage is incredible, the nostalgia factor is through the roof. The gameplay showcases both the multiplayer and the singleplayer modes; although the multiplayer isn't competitive it still gives us a great idea of how it would have looked.

From start to finish the HD remake sticks at a solid 60 frames per second and the player continuously switches between the HD edition and the original gameplay for comparison. Get ready for a nostalgia punch to the junk - enjoy!

We need this game back in our lives - petition maybe? If I get a solid response below, I promise I will lead the charge.

Can't get over the fact that I am watching GoldenEye 007 HD Remake footage. This uncovered footage is just awesome, can't stop watching Jimbo Bond kicking ass in all his HD majesty.


Do we need a GoldenEye 007 Remake?

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