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YouTuber Southern Lights found a video of two dancing Pokemon, Dragonite and Charizard, made by animator MMDSatoshi. He then paired it with a song from J-Pop band Gokuraku Jodo and a new Internet meme was born.

I wish I could show you that masterpiece, but the Intellectual Property police has caught up with it and has restricted that video from being played in the United States due to the licensing rights of the song.

However, that Pokemon animation has now been paired with other songs. Lots and lots of others songs.

Crazy Town's "Butterfly"

Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" Featuring Bruno Mars

Santana's "Smooth"

As you can see, this one animation works no matter what you pair it with. And it has been paired with just about anything you can imagine. From the Village People's "YMCA" to the Backstreet Boys.

The original animator MMDSatoshi has already moved past this original project and is focusing on his latest Pokemon inspiration: Psyduck. Check out his latest dance video.

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