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News around Sony’s latest slim line console just keeps on coming. New images have appeared online that appear to detail the PlayStation 4 Slim's newly adapted Dualshock controllers.

Following on from our story earlier this week, in which we showcased leaked images of Sony’s all new PlayStation 4 Slim (rumored to launch next month), we have, today, received more images that detail the new, tweaked Dualshock controllers that will ship with the new slimline unit.

The New PlayStation 4 Slim Dualshock controllers


The biggest and most noticeable feature added to the PS4 Slim’s new controller is the front facing light bar that adorns the top of the touchpad. This light will be the same as the light on the back but will allow for easier reading of light notifications.

The controller has the option of being plugged into the PS4 S and can be set to communicate only via the wired connection – this is an option that is not available on the current model.

The new controller shares the same battery as the current version however, Shortman82 states that the newer controller lasts longer than the older one – yet to be confirmed.

Authenticity of the images has been verified by Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter, who has confirmed that all the details leaked online, so far, are real and that the PS4 Slim and Slim Dualshock controllers do indeed exist. Digital Foundry, apparently, confirmed the legitimacy of the unit by visiting Shotma82’s house.

PlayStation are set to hold a press conference, September 7, where it is believed that the more powerful Neo and now the PlayStation 4 Slim will be revealed. We estimate that the Neo and PS4 Slim will be available for purchase come the end of September.

But before you go rushing in for your updated PlayStation, don’t forget that Microsoft still have their generation shifting, Xbox Scorpio waiting just over the horizon along with Nintendo’s super mysterious, super hyped NX.


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