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In case you hadn't heard, Justin Roiland, creator of Rick and Morty, just announced that he's started a new VR games studio. The new studio is a collaboration between Roilander and Tanya Watson, who previously worked at Epic Games.

Naturally, Roilander named the game studio "Squanchtendo." (For those unaware, "squanch" is a word used by the character Squanchy in Rick and Morty and is basically every part of speech possible — think of it like the word "Smurf" in Smurf culture.)

Concept art. Kind of.
Concept art. Kind of.

The new studio was announced via a comic of all things, alongside a website that is characteristically Roilander. And while the game studio hasn't announced any projects and seems to be focused on IPs outside of Rick and Morty, it's still fun to imagine what would happen if Squanchtendo did decide to mix the wonderful world of Rick and Morty with the crazy world of virtual reality.

So today, we're going over our top 7 Rick and Morty episodes that we think would make perfect virtual-reality games.

7. "Get Schwifty"

"Show me what you got!" - Armagheadon

Look, it might not have a whole lot going on in terms of space exploration, but "Get Schwifty" has led to several memes and it would be a travesty to keep that from players. Plus, it would give players a chance to lay down some sick Rick beats — but in virtual reality, bro.

I can even see it having a side quest where you must help Ice-T regain his powers and defeat the Numericons. Talk about action and adventure!

6. "Meeseeks and Destroy"

"Look at me, I'm Mr. Meeseeks!" - Mr. Meeseeks

Take two strokes off your golf game! Give Beth relationship advice! Teach a teen what the true meaning of popularity is! But make sure to do it within the time limit, or things are gonna get weeeeeird.

Not a fan of time-based challenges? Why not try to help a Medieval-style village by killing the terrifying giant and narrowly escaping the legal system. Once that's done, hop on top of Slippery Stair for a thrilling trip down the giant staircase back to the village!

5. "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"

"Save your anti-Rick speech for the Council of Ricks, terror-Rick." - Rick (but not our Rick)

I'm dreamin' big here, but what if Squanchtendo decides to give a go at the MMO genre? This would be the perfect opportunity to play as one of an infinite number of Ricks and meet up with other Av-Rick-tars in the Citadel of Ricks.

Plus, you could compete to be the first Rick to clear your name in a crime-solving, Rick-tastic adventure. Not enough for you? How about inter-dimensional travel where you have to hide amongst the chair-people? But what, there's more!

Find out who framed you for the Rickicidal epidemic? Put a bounty on that Rick's head in the crazy RVR (Rick versus Rick) system.

4. "Lawnmower Dog"

"Where are my testicles, Summer?" - Snowball, formerly known as Snuffles.

Don't let the plethora of adorable virtual-reality puppies fool you. This one's serious business, brah. It's kinda like Inception, so if you don't like it, then maybe that movie wasn't so great.

The great thing about this episode is that it offers the chance for some crazy, Watch_Dogs-like intrusion into people's dreams, which can open worlds of possibilities. Sure, the main story might be a legally safe knock-off of an '80s horror film, but if the horror genre in VR becomes too much for you, you can always dream-hop your way into someone else's dream.

3. "Anatomy Park"

"Welcome to Anatomy Park!" - Dr. Xenon Bloom

Take a ride on Pirates of the Pancreas! Have a spooky romp through the Haunted Liver! Get down and dirty with the Colon Log Ride!

Yes, Anatomy Park has it all, and it's totally safe! Yup, no Bubonic Plague or Tuberculosis to shoot down here. Perfectly safe.

Anatomy Park would be the perfect setting for a virtual-reality experience, because you could see first-hand what it's like to have an amusement park inside a human's body while also honing your first-person shooter skills against diseases. It's fun and educational!

2. "Look Who's Purging Now"

"It's a purge planet. They're peaceful, and then, you know, they just purge." - Rick Sanchez

It's the survival-horror experience of a lifetime. You've crash landed on this planet the night of the purge, and you need to survive until morning. Oh, and you also need to reap maximum carnage.

Seriously, this episode has everything you'd need for a perfect VR experience. A full planet's setting to explore, cat-people, consequence-free violence, and even an upgrade-able robotic suit of armor to help you survive and fly around the planet like Iron Man.

Of course, you could always take the pacifist route and try to Morty your way to safety until sunrise — but where's the fun in that?

1. Roy

"This guy doesn't have a social security number for Roy!" - Some background character

No, it's not an episode. You know who doesn't give a f***? Rick! Also me. I don't care.

Roy — the game from "Mortynight Run" — is made for virtual reality. Like, literally. It's a virtual reality game within the show, so if anything from Rick and Morty makes it into virtual reality, it needs to be Roy.

But, of course, it would have to first let players walk through Blips n Chitz in virtual reality, because if it's not a virtual reality game within a virtual reality game, what's even the point?

What episodes would you like to see as virtual reality experiences?


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