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I got two words for you: Concrete Jungle.

Released in 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Predator: Concrete Jungle was essentially panned by critics. No aspect of the game escaped criticism, from its frustrating controls to its subpar graphics. But here's my take: They have no idea what they're talking about.

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Preface: Predator: Concrete Jungle Was Everything

Predator: Concrete Jungle came out when I was 13-years-old. Its content was not, to put it lightly, appropriate for my age. However, what with my dad being a huge fan of the Predator series, I was able to convince the father-man to pick it up for "us." I promised him he could watch. And he did. He watched me tear out a few spines, smash in some skulls and generally run rampant around this fictional jungle. Then, satisfied that the game's depiction of violence wasn't all that realistic, he left me to my own (futuristic, human-demolishing) devices.

Whether that was a good idea or not is up for debate, but my god did I love him for letting me unleash my inner-Predator on the unsuspecting city of New Way City, an admittedly appalling name. The plot got a bit ridiculous and definitely featured aspects my father would have taken exception to — like how the Predator spends way too much time slaying "Ex-Porn Star Hookers" — but I suppose the game was all the more special for me as I reveled in its extreme adult content.

While the merit of Concrete Jungle is, apparently, up for debate, I was captivated by its empowerment. The Predator has plenty of tools at his disposal to take out puny humans with and this game was determined to give them all to me, from the satisfying swoosh sound effect of the Predator's heat vision to watching him unleash his blade gauntlet before descending upon the poor bastards below. Everything I wanted was there. Which is why I was — and still am — baffled by the lack of a sequel, or a game that sought to replicate what Concrete Jungle gave to me. So I ask you...

Where's The Predator Game We Deserve?

Vote Predator
Vote Predator

Aside from Concrete Jungle, there's really only one example of a game successfully honoring the Predator name: Aliens versus Predator (1999). Since then we've seen a slew of terrible mobile games and dismal movie tie-ins. This goes for the Alien franchise too, I mean remember Colonial Marines? *shudders*

But I'm dumbfounded by the lack of decent video games based on a character that has all of this at his disposal:

The Hole-In-Chest-Maker

The Holy-Shit-That-Just-Went-Through-Me-Pole

The Carl-Weathers-Day-Ruiner

The That-Was-My-Face-Asshole-Shuriken

This isn't even taking into consideration the various forms of vision the Predator boasts, the way he heals himself, his suit-exploder and his ability to scream really loud. If a studio could put as much heart into a Predator game as The Creative Assembly did with their exceptional Alien: Isolation, the game I've been dreaming of would be close at hand. But it seems that everyone who takes on the task of doing the original film justice fails to impress. Every film tie-in has been dire and I was helplessly unimpressed by the latest Alien vs Predator game. How have so many gotten it this wrong?!

So, to whoever is listening and has the power to do something about it, I ask you: are you the one who has what it takes to make the Predator game I've been dreaming of?

Would you like to see a great Predator game?

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