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Are you tired of getting ganked? Are you wondering when the best time to ward is? Let’s face it, we will/have all had to play support before. So, these are a few tips on how you can help your team win while you’re a support character.

Support Players

As a support main, I have some experience with when to ward and when not to ward. When supporting, being able to ward effective is crucial to your team. We will be talking about when to ward in the laning phase, then outside the laning phase.

Little out dated photo but still works.
Little out dated photo but still works.

Blue And Purple Side

During the laning phase, if your team is blue side, that typical means your enemy teams jungler is going to start his bot side jungle. So, if the other team has a champ that can level 2 or even possible level 3 cheese you bot lane (Shaco, Lee, etc…), you need to ward the river bush at 1-1:10. That will give you vision long enough to either see if he is going to gank you bot lane, or if he doesn’t show, that means he just took his blue buff and went about his way. Nothing is worse than getting ganked by a Shaco with ignite at level 2 and giving first blood or blowing your flash at least.

During the laning phase, if your team is red side, same principle applies ward at 1-1:10 but it’s so much harder to level 2/3 cheese gank bot lane as the blue side jungler.

As the support, you need to keep your eye on the map at least 75% of the time. If you see the enemy jungler ganking top, you don’t really need to ward your bot side unless you see the mid missing. It would be a pointless ward if the enemy mid was in their lane, and the enemy jungler was ganking top. And same thing goes for when the enemy jungler is ganking mid. But as soon as the jungler leaves mid, you have maybe a 10 sec window you can go ward your river or the tri bush. If the jungler is leaving top lane, you have maybe a 30-45 sec window to ward.

Now, with pink wards, you always want to have one in your inventory because you will always need to keep a pink down. For example, if your team is blue side, you would want to keep the tri-bush warded with a pink at all times. If your team is purple side, you would want to keep the river bush pinked at all times.

Warding in lane is also crucial. If you enemy team is all of sudden playing really passive and you have your river and tri bush warded, chances are the jungler is going to try for a lane gank. So, warding the enemies lane bush has a few purposes. 1. For the obvious reason, to keep from getting lane ganked. 2. To give your top laner a ward to teleport to when your opposing teams bot lane pushes too hard.

Warding Outside Of Laning Phase

When getting out of the laning phase as the support, you need to keep as much vision on the map as possible but the trick is to keep the map effectively warded. Now, anyone can ward but can you do it effectively?

As I was a support main in Gold elo, I could never break the barrier of getting to plat. Now, after watching a few of my games on, I realized, “Wow. My ward placement isn’t doing anything for the team.” So I did some trial and error to see how to ward effectively. That wasn’t the only thing I improved on but that was a main area I focused hard on to finally get myself to plat.

Some main things are, if you see the enemy hovering towards bot side, shoving bot and mid lane wave, chances are they are going to be looking to dragon soon. So, as the support, you need to recognize these signs and begin to place wards around the dragon pit. Same thing applies with baron. If you see them shoving mid and top wave in, more than likely they are going to baron. And again, always keep a pink in your inventory.

ALSO, once you get a sightstone, PLEASE swap to a sweeper trinket. I see this mistake time and time again. You don’t need that trinket anymore. Now you’re focused on clearing vision as well.

During a team fight, you need to keep your flanks warded. This means, keep vision over the walls when you’re team fighting so a random Zac doesn’t come flying over the wall and wrecking your whole team (I learned from many, many experiences with that one).

Keeping defensive ward and aggressive wards are a key part to coming back or to taking a lead from your opposing team.

If your team is ahead, roam into the other teams jungle with your jungler to place wards to get info about where the other team is going and who is going where. You could possibly get a pick on the other teams player. If your team is behind, you never want to roam into the other teams jungle to place wards. Just keep neutral wards and defensive wards. Play safe and look for picks. This is how you climb back into a game you are losing.

Here a few basic spots to ward:

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