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If you're anything like me, then you found summer far too hot to actually go outside and be productive, which made it a perfect time to waste hours of your life to finally collect all those leftovers and turn in those side quests for menial rewards. As no gamer can resist a season packed with blockbuster new releases. Now join me on a list of the top games coming out this Autumn season and shake in anticipation knowing that these can be used as valid reasons as to why you couldn't attend any socially conforming activities!

1. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

To kick off the list, we have the new South Park game! The Stick of Truth was utterly hilarious and any fan of the series is sure to love the next installment. Full of goofs, gaffs, moral conflict and a plot that rivals all the superhero cliches, who can resist?

After the events of South Park: The Stick of Truth, the children of South Park become role-playing superheroes. However, a falling-out over Cartman's planned film franchise splinters the boys into two groups, with some calling for a civil war to make their own franchise.

If this gets your Stick of Truth tingling then check out this chunk of gameplay released at Gamescom!

2. Mafia III

That's right, there are some serious suggestions on this list! Now tell me who can resist a crime-fueled sandbox with gangs, drugs, sex and violence? A lot of people? Oh... well anyone that is below the ripe rowdy age of fifteen should have a grand old time with this one then.

All jokes aside, I am a huge fan of the previous games in the Mafia franchise and this looks set up to be truly amazing. Dare I say it will top Grand Theft Auto? Maybe the great throwback soundtrack will give this title the extra edge!

3. Dishonored 2

Admittedly, Dishonored is one of my favorite games ever and the sequel is my most anticipated game of this year. The settings are gorgeous, the stealth/action is brilliant and it's an all round steampunk-esque gem.

With a myriad of new powers, abilities, enemies, settings and ways in which you can combine all of these things, let's just hope everybody's partners are okay with being ignored for at least a month. If you cannot wait until the release date, some Dishonored comics have released that are sure to give the fans something to feast upon in the meantime:

Issue 1 has been out since August 3, while the other three will be released on September 7, September 28, and October 19, respectively. The story of these comics will be Corvo Attano’s quest in finding an apprentice.

4. Battlefield 1

An alternative Great War to keep the fans of the 'boots on the ground' shooter interested, but just enough progressive technology in there to make the screaming children of the virtual world force their parents to purchase a copy.

I for one am a huge fan of this setting and can't wait to bayonet people and bring absolute anarchy to a quaint French village. Even better news for fans is the Battlefield accounted tweeted that if you signed up to the EA insider program last week, you can play it even earlier (sorry if you're only just hearing about this now)!

Have a look at a FULL HOUR of gameplay to psych yourself up for the open beta!

5. The Last Guardian

At last. At long last. This game will finally be with us. And after all these years it will undoubtedly be worth the wait. The fine blend of the emotional journey of Ico, but now with our very own dragon-puppy to assist us on the journey. In a recent interview with the Guardian, it looks like Fumito Ueda, the creator of the game, will be waiting a little longer than the rest of us to have a relaxed playthrough:

In the week after the release I don’t want to look at the game. All I’ll see are the flaws. I wouldn’t want to see it with that perspective because I don’t want to think about regrets. Even seeing tiny bugs I’ll think, why didn’t we squash that one? But sometime later, maybe after a year, I’ll be able to calm down and take a look.”

While not much is actually known about this title, anticipation has all made us desperate for this title. With any luck we will all let out a breath of relief in the coming months.

There You Have It!

These five games are ones that every gamer should be watching out for this season. There's definitely a lot of hype behind each of these titles, and no matter what your preference gamers this winter will have something to pump countless hours into. Is there a game not on this list that you cant wait for this Fall? Let me know in the comments!


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