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No Man's sky was released a couple of weeks ago and it has been a roller-coaster of mixed reviews. Hello Games over-promised features that somehow went missing from the final release. This made the fan base start to hate the game and effectively put a grinding halt to the hype train. Apart from the disappointment of these missing features, the game itself is massive and it would probably keep you occupied for weeks, but it's also predictable and has absolutely no purpose other than exploring and crafting. So to save you the time, here's the No Man's Sky experience in post form.

You've entered a new star system and there you have four to five new planets and a couple of moons, they might have pirates around as well and, of course, a space station.

The difference between each planet and moon, is the coloring and whether flora and fauna exists. Creatures and few plants may vary from planet to planet, but some would stay the same. The weather differs as well. It could be toxic, cold, stormy or sunny clear skies.

The creatures are usually peaceful, but there are few hostile ones that may attack you along with the sentinel, that only attacks depending on your wanted level.

The game currency is 'Units' which can be used in buying resources such as elements, technology, starships, exosuits and multi-tools. Units can be obtained by trading resources and uploading discoveries to the Atlas along with milestone rewards.

Being a game with little to no story line, mining resources and crafting would be the solid objective of the game, using the hyperdrive to warp from one star system to another after obviously fueling it with the resources mined in the planets.

You'll find a shelter here and there, a few abandoned facilities with a rare technology recipes for crafting and upgrading your exosuit, starship and multi-tool.

Moving on to outer space, pirates can attack from time to time, so this will engage your starship in a battle.

Aliens diverse in races and each has their own language, which can be learned throughout exploring.

And that's pretty much it, it's an endless cycle of mining materials to fix your ship, add fuel then discover different planets. Hopefully Hello Games would update the game adding new features like the over-demanded multiplayer and maybe a few side quests to give the player a purpose or a goal in this game.

Have you played No Man's Sky yet ? What are your thoughts about it ?


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