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Composer Ramin Djawadi is best known for creating the soundtrack for every single episode of Game of Thrones to date. Yes, every one.

But he got his start in video games in the '90s as a sound technician at Looking Glass Studios, the developer behind Thief and System Shock.

Now he's back, this time composing the full soundtrack to Microsoft Studio's Gears of War 4, due October 11th. You can check out a behind the scenes video about how he crafted the music for the Coalition of Ordered Government forces versus the what he developed for the Swarm.

But to truly appreciate what a great composer Ramin Djawadi is, let's take a look a what could arguably be, his 7 greatest scores from his run so far in Game of Thrones.

7. Season 3, Episode 10 "Mhysa"

In the Season 3 season finale, the aftermath of The Red Wedding is unfolding. Roose Bolton is declared Warden of the North, Jaime finally returns to Kings Landing with the help of Brienne, and Daenerys is declared "Mhysa" or mother by the slaves she has freed in the city of Yunkai.

This track encompasses all of that and somehow gives a hint of the show's theme song as well.

6. Season 2, Episode 7 "A Man Without Honor" - Pay the Iron Price

This track played over the final minutes of the episode as Theon presents two charred corpses as Bran and Rickon to cover their escape. Towards the end of the track you can sense his fear and desperation so clearly.

5. Season 5, Episode 2 "The House of Black and White"

Though it starts slow, it picks up around 2:55 and you really get the feeling of foreboding and mystery surrounding the league of assassins that Arya found herself drawn to in this episode.

4. Season 4, Episode 10 "The Children"

Surprise, another season ender track, this time with a much stronger show theme element. Also a vocal that is more prominent than usual. Tywin Lannister has been killed, Bran has reached the Heart Tree, and Brienne faces down The Hound to keep her word to Catelyn Stark.

3. Season 6, Episode 10 "The Winds of Winter" - The Tower

This is one of the most heartfelt selections in the series. It conveys all of the emotion of Ned Stark seeing his sister dying in childbirth and knowing what he had to do to protect her son. Brilliant work.

2. Season 6, Episode 10 "The Winds of Winter" - Light of the Seven

Who could forget the haunting music as the nobility of Kings Landing prepared for the trial of the century at the Sept? The Sparrow thought he had the Lannisters right where he wanted them, but Cersei clearly had other plans. Put this on your play list as your plan your next office coup.

1. The Game of Thrones theme

Mimicked, parodied, and instantly recognizable, the Game of Thrones theme is one of the most hummable tunes out there. It will go down as one of Ramin Djawadi's greatest compositions.

Fans everywhere can only hope that the Gears of War 4 soundtrack is half as great as this iconic score.

What is Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?


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