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Driven by her love of Overwatch and her new found talent in stop motion animation, a 10-year old girl whipped up a LEGO animation short over the weekend that was quite impressive.

Her Dad has posted in to Reddit to great acclaim. Check out the misadventures of troll Symmetra as she takes down more than half the team by herself. (Can I have the Symmetra player on my team, because I have yet to see that player...)

As you can see, she has story, effects, and pacing all work beautifully. I mean, check out that Reaper teleport! That Tracer zoom!

Her father posted an earlier test video as well. Not as elaborate, but you can see where she was testing out some of her basic ideas that she used in her longer video above.

More Tracer and Solider 76 in this one with a special guest appearance by Mercy (not that it does her much good.)

There's been such a positive response on Reddit about her videos that she is going to create more. Her dad has talked about pulling in voice lines from the game to help with the videos.

I'm just floored with how she was able to work around the LEGO limitations so effectively to convey the characters. She didn't let it stop her from showing Tracer's trail or Reaper's teleport.

We can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Really, this just goes to show that a LEGO Overwatch set would be amazing. You could have each map be a set-piece to build and tons of characters to model. Plus, can you imagine a LEGO Overwatch movie complete with Reaper running around with his hands in the air looking for a Symmetra turret? Yes, please.

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