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Fans (including me) absolutely love this game franchise, and as such, I want to share with you a series of short Battlefield films put together by Hoodoo Operator. I was originally going to write something totally different, however, the further I researched Hoodoo Operator's work, the more I realised that this guy really knows what he is doing.

Battlefield 4

The combination of these two Battlefield 4 movies will have your enthusiasm for this series pumping! I love to shoot and repeat my enemies into digital pieces - I only wish I was as good as Hoodoo Operator. My best Battlefield gaming moments are more aligned to clunky luck, rather than any gameplay dominance.

For me personally, over the last few months, none of the released games have sparked any overwhelming interest. After playing the Battlefield 1 beta (BOOM!), my friends and I are united in our emphatic need to own this game. Upon its release, I can already see myself continuously apologising to my wife "I am sorry babe, I will talk to you soon-ish."

Battlefield 1

The careful editing, and cinematic style of his movies, provides a strong example of the epic battle sequences that have been longed for in first person shooters, but at a cost.

I pay for music licences and camera tools when I need big changes to them. So I have to be very cautious about spending too much to make a video.

Because of the time and expense involved, Hood Operator has put a shout out to assist him financially. I need to be clear, I have no pecuniary interest by telling you this, I am just a fan of his work. If you are interested in throwing a few clams his way to support him with his creations, click here.

It's Good To Be A Gamer

The reason for the ongoing popularity of this game, are easily summed up in Hoodoo Operator's cinematic movies. The tone resonates the seriousness of war, while also igniting the need to rally your mates and decimate the opposition (followed by the necessary tea bag dance of humiliation on their face) .

This is the G rated version.
This is the G rated version.

It can be a tricky balance between the desire to go that extra step in your fandom, and the subsequent cost associated to meet that passion.If you love it, then it probably doesn't even feel like you have gone far enough. People love to express their passions in many forms. If you affiliate with that interest, the enthusiasm is easily understood and infectious. Hoodoo Operator is just one example of how people channel their gaming obsession into something we can all appreciate.

Have you made any gaming videos that you want to share?


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